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Mosaic Tiles

Any homeowner knows that he will have to take many difficult decisions when planning repairs in the bathroom. And the most important decision is which material to use for coating the surfaces? The bathroom is constantly exposed to high humidity and extreme temperature. Many of the surfaces of the room where one receives water treatments are subject to mechanical stress. In apartment buildings, the bathrooms are often connected to the toilet. In is especially important to maintain cleanliness and order in the bathroom. So, the finishing material must also be resistant to chemical cleaning agents and be easy to care for. All the criteria that apply to the finishing material for the bathroom matches the mosaic tile.

Among its evident benefits are the following:

  • robustness;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • lack of response to temperature changes;
  • a variety of colors and shades;
  • a wide variety of production materials;
  • the possibility of lining uneven surfaces, complex shapes, curved and concave clearance planes, niches;
  • resistance to color fading;
  • the ability to create drawings, patterns and even artistic works;
  • ability to bond to any surface – concrete, plaster, wood or metal.

In short, mosaic tile has a list of all the advantages typical for ceramic tiles at its disposal, and a number of advantages that are unique to this type of finish. And we are talking only about the practical, functional side of the issue. But from the point of view of aesthetic enjoyment that can be obtained from seeing the mosaic feature panels of in your bathroom, this finishing material has no equal. Of course, there are no advantages without disadvantages. The main disadvantage of surface finishing by the means of the mosaic is sufficiently high cost of the material and the price of its installation. But if you absorb the budget of tiling a bathroom with a finishing material that will serve faithfully for many years, while not changing color, not burning out – then repair using mosaic tiles is a good investment from the economic point of view.

Currently, a wide variety of mosaic on the market is made from the following materials:

  1. mosaic tiles made from natural stone are most often used for lining floors, primarily due to their astonishing qualities of strength and durability, resistance to moisture and mechanical stress. The most widely used stones are as marble, granite, onyx and jasper. Of course, the cost of such mosaic will be relatively high;
  2. ceramic mosaic is one of the most common and budget options. It’s the main advantage includes the richness of the color palette. It is also able to provide a selection of shades for any artwork;
  3. glass as a material for the production of mosaic tiles establishes itself as resistant to moisture and chemicals material, which makes it a leader in the category of ease of care;
  4. A very rare, but apparently an incredibly attractive material is metal mosaic. It is used infrequently for the bathrooms because of low resistance to the ingress of moisture. But it can be used as decor in spacious premises in the sectors with the lowest humidity.

Let us consider how to use mosaic for lining of various surfaces on design projects of bathrooms and toilets, while looking at highlighting accents, decorating plumbing and furniture and decoration of complex geometric shapes.

Drawings, designs, paintings

One of the distinguishing features of the mosaic from the usual ceramic tile is the ability to create drawings, art images and original patterns in a wide range of color palettes. Not so long ago, mosaic was one of the most important types of art. Thanks to the durability of this material, many masterpieces have been preserved until the present. To build the likeness of works of art in your bathroom is simply too much. But it’s not impossible to line the walls with ready-made blocks, printed patterns or to hire a professional who will choose the picture according to your taste, because it will perfectly fit in the modern interior.

A vibrant floral pattern that occupies most of the vertical surfaces of the bathroom is the way to transform your room beyond recognition. This type of interior is not only unique, but also personalized. It reflects your own preferences and tastes. Floral motifs are found in the interiors of the bathrooms decorated with mosaics more often than with other options. This is due to the smooth lines of the patterns, closeness to nature, energy and freshness. Even a small picture as an accent is capable of taking the interior of your bathroom to a whole new level.

The original, but not bright and not variegated pattern composed by mosaic will help to make the walls unique while retaining the relaxed atmosphere of peace and tranquility, which is needed so much in the bathroom. You can make accent wall using mosaic tiles with a pattern. As a result, you get the shower cabin of original design without ruining the budget for repairs. Another alternative design option is to accent the surface using a mosaic with an ornament. The working area will be protected from moisture while having an original design. LED mirror looks even more luxurious against this background. You will get nowhere without a nautical theme with mosaic in the bathroom. The combination of mosaic and stone finishes and fine pebbles creates an incredibly striking design of surfaces in the same room. Such a unique interior is unforgettable. Another option of using the nautical theme when selecting images for a mosaic bathroom. Small images look particularly advantageous on a light beige background. Currently, stores sell ready-made blocks with parts of the mosaic patterns that are combined together according to the puzzle design, forming a fabric with a large flowery pattern. This discreet but elegant ornament can decorate any bathroom. The lovers of neutral palettes and bright areas will absolutely love this mosaic on the bathroom walls.

Highlighting the key points

If you are dealing with a small budget for remodeling the bathroom, but you want to use mosaic tiles in the decoration of various surfaces, there is a design option to use with the help of this expensive material, but to use it on one wall (or portion thereof) for the repair of a bathroom or toilet – the accent wall. In this case, you get an expressive and practical interior with little cost for repairs in the bathroom or washroom. the most common version of designing the accent wall is a lining the surfaces above the working area of the sink. This is a practical way to facilitate the care of surfaces that are most susceptible to moisture and not only that. Lining the wall over the bathtub with bright mosaic with a pearl shimmer can bring your interior to the highest level of essence. An original, contrasting color scheme dictates the design concept of the entire room and acts as the center of focus. Another common design technique in the field of accents is the colorful design of the wall opposite the sink with a mirror, and repeating an element of the same color in the working area. Mosaic tiles can be a very good investment of money, time and effort for lining bathrooms located in asymmetric attic rooms with sloping ceilings. Considering how many tiles would have to be cut for the bevel design, the presence of a mosaic of economically justified. It is a rare design decision. However, the accent surface, lined with beautiful mosaics can become the bathroom floor. The practical and functional choice becomes the basis for the creation of the design space.

Difficult geometry

One of the most significant advantages of tiles is the possibility of facing surfaces of all shapes and degrees of curvature. In this case, we can speak not only about decorating the surfaces of walls and floors, but bathrooms, sinks, and all kinds of niches and recesses. Smooth lines and shapes gives the bathroom interior a feeling of fluidity, lightness. This is especially important for small spaces, as most of the average apartments’ bathrooms are similar. Lining the base of the bathtub and curved surfaces – would it be possible to carry out with any other finishing material that withstands high levels of humidity? Thanks to mosaic tile, such lining can be performed on more complex surfaces. Are you lining an oval bathroom and pedestal of the same shape for the bathroom? There is nothing easier if you chose the mosaic as a lining material. Original and intriguing bathroom design is unique. Lining that is so complicated from the point of view of geometry and curvature is possible only with the help of mosaic tiles. Thanks to the impressive scale of the room and the dark shades, mosaic does not crowd the space, while bringing an element of drama and Eastern Zen for relaxation and recreation. Not every room is able to withstand this diversity of color and texture solutions, and finishing tiles of different sizes. Not without the help of mosaic to line complex and curved surface was there the possibility of creating a harmonious image of the bathroom.

Stunning effect from lining small items

Sometimes, to create a unique and interesting bathroom interior it is enough to use bright, brilliant color mosaic or only a small surface area. It is a great idea for edging a mirror or sink, the space allocated to backsplash around the perimeter of the room, or decorating elements of plumbing and accessories. Lining the little pillar separating the toilet area from the water treatment segment with mirrored mosaic looks very impressive. Vertical stripes visually increase the height of the room. A small bar, decorated with mosaics, will visually blur the boundaries of space and bring a variety of colors into the bathroom interior. Another example is similar to the design of a shower enclosure, but with the use of mirror mosaic with a vertical arrangement of chips. Lined with bright glossy mosaic, a small part of the surface above the working area of the sink not only introduced a variety of colors in the neutral palette of the bathroom, but also revived the interior.

Lining with mosaic tiles

Among the modern design bathrooms, there are those where almost all the surfaces are lined with mosaic tiles. Such repair may be expensive, but the durability and permanence of its appearance is guaranteed for you. Even a small bathroom is transformed with mosaic lining. This type of pattern is called a pixel, because it’s an original way to integrate several shades of one color solution. Monochrome mosaic, whereby all surfaces are lined with niches, shelves and deepening, can create an original image of your premises for water treatments. Depending on the size of the chips (tiles) that will be used and the kind of material and tone that is going to be present depends on the appearance of the bathroom or washroom. Tiles of bright shades can visually expand the bathroom space, where it’s very often in need. Besides, a quiet, neutral palette contributes to relaxation and rest that is required by the members of the household after a difficult day at work while taking a bath or shower. Among the bright palette of the mosaic tiles, the marble finish deserves to be highlighted in particular. Even small inclusions of marble mosaic in the interior bring the atmosphere of luxury, full of purity and even sterility of the utilitarian space. contrasting combination of black and white mosaic tiles in one room produces an incredible effect. Especially, if we see the opposite color scheme instead of the usual location of the bright colors on the bathroom walls and the dark colors on the floor. Dark mosaic shade with a pearl shimmer serving as the total lining of surfaces can give drama to any bathroom. Thanks to the gloss mosaic surface, fingerprints and traces of drops of water will not be visible on dark chips. You will not have to clean the bathroom very often. Bright blue, turquoise and blue shades of mosaic tiles are very popular. It is not surprising that in the room for water treatments we want to reflect the blue of the ocean or azure celestial reflections in the water, all successfully integrated in the interior space. Large monochromatic mosaic chips on the snow-white grout background give the bathroom an incredible geometric strictness.

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