Bathroom Vanity Spanish Style

Bathroom vanity Spanish style

Bathroom vanity Spanish style. The Spaniards, like no one else, are able to skillfully combine incongruous. Just recall the paintings of Picasso, Dali installations, or mosaic masterpieces of Gaudi. The Spaniards are great inventors. This is why the bathroom furniture from Spain is a guarantee of non-standard design solutions and the highest quality.

Modern Bathroom Vanity | Spanish bathroom vanities

Spanish furniture started its triumphal march around the world beginning in the Medieval times. It conquered Europe centuries ago with its mastery of execution and elegance of forms. Even a little earlier than Italian furniture. Today, the Spanish bathroom furniture does not yield an inch to the Italian one. Just like their main competitors, Spanish manufacturers use the latest technology and materials with high moisture resistance. The facades of the side cabinets and drawers and side walls are treated with special saturation methods. Moreover, it does not matter if they are made of MDF, particle board or valuable types of wood. For each material the manufacturers have their own processing technology that prevents the damaging effects of moisture. Because of this, the Spanish bathroom furniture has an impressive lifespan. It is no less than the Italian one.


Spanish style bathroom furniture features a moderation of colors and concise manners – no matter how extravagant they may be. Modern models are dominated by shades of white, black and different halftones. The clarity of the lines makes each piece of architecture- graphic quality. Classical style Spaniards interpret with equal purity and nobility. In contrast to the Italian classic pieces of furniture, you will not find fanciful empire styling, nor the gold-plated thread or shiny polishing among the Spanish products.
Only at the first glance, all of this contradicts the notions of sunny Spain. This design approach allows you to focus on accessories, coating on the wall and design of the floor. After all, in the tradition of Spanish interior, furniture for bathrooms is not that important. It should not distract from the colorful tiles, intricate patterns on the floor or wrought iron lamps. However, for a more discreet interior, for example, in German or Scandinavian style, Spanish style bathroom furniture will also fit perfectly. And it is precisely because of its minimalism.

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