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The New York Metro area is an incredible place, with an expression as rich as its history. Whether you live in a Park Slope brownstone or a beach-side bungalow on Staten Island, there are a million reasons why you’ve chosen New York as your home. New Bathroom Style calls NYC home too, and we have a huge selection of bathroom vanities, cabinets, and bathroom furnishings! We import luxury vanities from Italy and Spain for Old-World charm, and we carry nothing but the highest-quality materials. If you’re looking to upgrade or renovate your bathroom, come into our showroom or explore our collection online–we stock every size and style, and we’ve got something for everyone. Best of all–we deliver throughout all five boroughs!

Home Improvement in New York City

Living in an exciting city like New York is everyone’s dream. The city is a major hub of all commercial and tourists’ activities. As of 2017, the city hosts 8.6 million dwellers. Scenic landscapes, bustling streets, dynamic neighborhoods, and roadside hotels describe the exuberant nature of the city that New York is.
The city is mainly divided into five bewitching boroughs including The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island. Long Island, another borough, is a densely populated island near the New York Harbour.
The New York City is characterized by properly planned neighborhoods comprising of furnished houses that add to the beauty of the city. Upscale neighborhoods consist of properly designed houses with lush green lawns. Middle-income neighborhoods consist of a wide range of affordable houses with a creative appeal.
A variety of home renovation ideas are in vogue in New York City. However, many dwellers find it difficult to look for a reliable and trendy bathroom supply store that can help them to add a chic look to their bathroom.
New Bathroom Style is a modern bathroom supply store that offers unique bathroom accessories to help trendy New Yorkers revamp their bathrooms.

The increasing trend of revamping bathrooms

There’s a renewed focus by interior decorators and architectures on building exquisite bathrooms. The idea is to incorporate new bathroom styles when revamping bathrooms. Furnished bathrooms add to the beauty of your modern house, giving it an aristocratic appeal. A wide range of modern bathroom vanities, interior doors, medicine cabinets with light and mirrors with LED are available at our bathroom supply store, allowing you to completely change the look of this important part of your home.

Bathroom renovation in the Queens New York

Those who live in the Queens can vouch for the fact that the city has an extremely calming effect on the senses of the people. The city is home to diverse people, belonging to different cultures and religions. You can find affordable housing options near Bayside or Jamaica Estates. New Bathroom Style is proud to serve the residents of the Queens. We have modern bathroom vanities to help you upgrade your bathroom.
Revamping bathrooms in the Queens:
Most houses in the Queens are built with small bathrooms. Hence, buying accessories that serve dual purpose can prevent you from creating unnecessary mess in your bathroom. If you are looking to increase the storage space in your bathroom then buying a medicine cabinet would be a perfect idea.
a. Medicine Cabinets with light
Medicine cabinets come with a mirror and a cabinet to store important items. Nowadays, they are coming with innovative designs such as medicine cabinets with light are also available to enhance the appeal of the bathroom.
b. Interior Doors
Sometimes, a sleek interior door is all you need to remodel your bathroom. Made with solid wood with a slab of glass inserted in the middle, interior doors are a must-have if you want to revamp your bathroom.
c. Modern bathroom vanities
The use of modern bathroom vanities is in vogue these days. In addition, modern bathroom vanities come in varying sizes and designs to keep your bathroom both trendy and spacious.
Bathroom vanities are accompanied by large drawers and are suffice to store all your important items.

Bathroom renovation in Manhattan New York

Among all the borough of New York City, Manhattan stands out due to its fascinating neighborhoods and affluent appeal. The residents of Manhattan have a fine taste in fashion, food and interior decoration. They do not shy away from frequently resorting to new home renovation ideas.
Revamping bathrooms in Manhattan
a. Luxury Bathroom Vanities
To ensure you don’t ignore the important task of remodeling your bathrooms, our bathroom supply store provides luxury bathroom vanities that match the unique taste of residents of Manhattan. Bathroom vanities come with a mirror and are made up of marble tops. They may come with a single cabinet or two large drawers. You can fix one depending on the size of your bathroom.

b. Mirrors with LED:
New Bathroom Style offers exquisite mirrors with LED to add a bright, radiant look to your bathroom. Gone are the days when people used to hang a plain, single mirror on the wall of their bathrooms, making it look even dull. New Bathroom Style offers trendy mirrors with LED that immediately alter the look of your bathroom.

Brooklyn New York

Bathroom renovation in Brooklyn New York

A densely populated borough, Brooklyn is an epitome of the upscale neighborhood with rows of elegantly designed houses. The houses consist of large, spacious bathrooms that offer more flexibility to choose the best products available at the bathroom supply store.
Revamping bathrooms in Brooklyn
If you are resident of Brooklyn and looking to revamp your bathroom, then do not waste any more time. Giving an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom is no big task. At New Bathroom Style, we ensure that the affluent people of Brooklyn do not compromise on their standards. We import modern bathroom vanities from Italy and Spain to give your bathroom a new, improved look. Special attention is given to the quality of the products to increase their durability and appeal.
a. Shower Doors
Shower doors provide for an artistic partition between your bathing area and toilet and that too without occupying much space.
b. Luxury Bathroom Vanities
Get a luxury bathroom vanity with a matching side cabinet to complete the look of your bathroom. Such a bathroom vanity offers a lot more space to keep things in neat order in your bathroom. The luxury bathroom vanities come with a ceramic sink and mirror.
b. Bathroom faucets
Often we miss out on the small details that actually matter a lot when it comes to home interiors and design ideas. While bathroom vanities and interior doors occupy a larger space, faucets are equally important and should not be overlooked. At New Bathroom Style, you will find faucets in various shapes and sizes. From funnel-like to arc-shaped to single-lever faucets, you have a huge variety to select from.

Visit our New York Bathroom Showroom

Customers living in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island and Staten Island are all welcomed to visit our showroom and explore our wide selection of products.

Bathroom renovation in The Bronx New York

The Bronx is one the fastest developing borough of New York. It offers unique architecture and affordable housing options. It consists of sturdy apartment buildings, single-family house as well as double story houses.
Revamping bathrooms in The Bronx
a. Shower panels:
Shower panels came in the market and quickly won the hearts of the people. They have unique features and are of three broad categories. A shower panel may come with a showerhead, a body spray, or a scrubbing jet. A reliable shower panel is ideally made up of stainless steel with thermostatic controls.
b. Bathroom storage cabinets:
Storage cabinets are handy and can be relocated conveniently inside the bathroom. They can be placed anywhere in the corner and can be used as an additional storage space.

Astoria Queens New York

Bathroom renovation ideas in Staten Island New York

Known as a land of adventures, Staten Island is a beautiful borough with beaches, parklands and natural spaces. It has a neat row of well-designed houses that further add to its beauty.
Revamping bathrooms in Staten Island
a. Decorative Tiles
The walls of your bathroom should not wear a dull look. Decorative tiles are available in subtle colors to
b. Bathroom Fans
It is imperative that your bathroom is airy and does not cause suffocation. Our bathrooms fans and exhaust fans provide for sufficient passing of air in and out of the bathroom to keep it well-ventilated.
c. Bathroom Sinks
Elegantly designed bathroom sinks made up of glass are in vogue these days. Unlike the traditional bulky sinks, modern bathroom sinks are compact and can be easily fitted into your bathroom. At New Bathroom Style, you can find sinks made up of glass that are sturdy, reliable and not vulnerable to damage.
New Bathroom Style – Your One-Stop-Shop for buying trendy bathroom accessories
You need not look anywhere else when we are in town with the best bathroom accessories. From solid interior doors to chic faucets, luxury bathroom vanities to polished mirror with LED, elegant medicine cabinets to towel warmers, New Bathroom Style have everything that you could desire of to revamp your bathroom in the Staten Island. Place your faith in and we promise that our range of exquisite products would disappoint you.
Bathroom accessories sold by us are a combination of quality and elegance. They are sold to our customers at a highly reasonable price so that it won’t leave a hole in your wallet!
We invite you to visit our showroom in Brooklyn. Our loyal customers continue to place their faith in us as we proudly sell luxury bathroom items of various high-end brands such as Socimobel, Bellezza, Mia Italia, and BG.
You can avail discount in the showroom on a wide range of products including bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, and interior doors.
We look forward to serving you.

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