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How to choose a set of furniture for the bathroom

Choose bathroom vanity Brooklyn, a set of bathroom furniture is used in the design of appropriate facilities with organized storage of shaving supplies, shampoos, creams, cleaning products and cleaning agents. Full set – consists of furniture all made in the same design and is designed for bathrooms of different sizes. Standard equipment: cabinet (often with mirror), vanity with sink, shelf with mirror. There are more compact solutions, like a mirror and a vanity. Items included in such a set are not available separately.

Installation bathroom vanities

Typesetting (modular) consists of modules (objects) that are used in various ways: as individual elements or in combination with each other. This allows the owner to determine and change the interior of the living room.

Floorstanding –  a classic option that will fit perfectly into any bathroom. Floorstanding furniture is easy to install, but difficult to clean.

Mounted – positioned on the wall. Thereby, it visually enhances the space and facilitates cleaning. In addition, mounted furniture is convenient to use without having to bend, which is important for the elderly and those suffering from diseases that have to do with the back. Its disadvantage is the difficulty in installation. Mounted furniture is recommended if the bathroom has underfloor heating.

Corner – takes up minimal space and is well suited for small-sized bathrooms.


Bathroom furniture must be resistant to moisture and detergents, as well as temperature changes.

Chipboard is not moisture resistant enough, so products made from this material are not recommended.

MDF is stronger and more resistant to moisture than the previous material. In addition, MDF is easily subjected to fine processing, which allows you to create various forms of furniture.

Wood is durable and beautiful, but it is a rather expensive material. Wood is sensitive to the effects of hot and humid air, so furniture is subjected to varnishing in order to improve moisture resistance. This option is good for spacious bathrooms with enhanced ventilation. Wooden furniture looks good in classic interiors.

Plastic is cheap and waterproof material, which is easily given any shape and color. Its disadvantage is the sensitivity to scratching.

Metal and glass give the furniture a unique look. Typically, such materials are usually used for separate parts (legs or doors). This furniture will perfectly fit into modern interiors. However, it is not suitable for classic styles. Disadvantages: the metal is expensive, and the glass (even-tempered), can break. In addition, transparent glass does not protect the contents of lockers or cabinets from public view. Important: when purchasing furniture with metal elements, don’t forget to pay attention to the processing of material with special anti-corrosion compounds.

Water-resistant coating

Furniture made of chipboard and MDF has a special coating that protects against the negative effects of moisture.

Adhesive tape is the cheapest option. It provides a variety of colors and patterns. Disadvantages: very poor resistance to scratching and other mechanical damage, short service life.

The acrylic coating is highly resistant to water. It also has a spectacular glossy look. The disadvantage of acrylic is low scratch resistance, which means that its surface must be polished. You need to be careful when washing this furniture because abrasives scratch the acrylic surface.

Veneer mimics the texture and color of the wood. Just like wood, the veneer is covered with lacquer, which increases its resistance to moisture. Enameled or lacquered surface combines durability, attractiveness and an affordability.


The size of the bathroom furniture should match the dimensions of the room. Do not install miniature furniture in a large bathroom, because it’s going to get “lost”. In a small bathroom, it makes sense to choose vanities, tall and narrow cabinets/racks and leave only the most necessary items. But even in a spacious room, you should not put a lot of things because it will “overload” the interior.


Classic – an exquisite set that is made in “historical” styles (Baroque, classical). This furniture is characterized by curved shapes and flowing forms.

Preference is given to wood, which is reflected in the price of the set. Colors available – chocolate and beige, blue, white.

Modern – a practical option (minimalist, high-tech). Bathroom vanity Brooklyn store this furniture is devoid of decoration. It has straight edges and simple shapes. The use of glass, plastic, metal makes such sets relatively inexpensive. Colors available – white, black, dark brown, metallic.


The color and style of furniture depend on the appearance of the finish and plumbing. For a small bathroom, it is advisable to choose bright colored furniture that will visually expand the space. It is pertinent to have transparent and mirrored parts in the furniture. For large rooms, it is better to pick a set of original and rich colors, provided that they are in harmony with the interior.

Important: In order for the smudges are not visible, it is better to choose furniture with a matte surface and with not very dark tones.


    • Quality bathroom furniture has a hygienic certificate.
    • Carefully inspect the furniture: if there are defects (chips, warping, scratches), refrain from this purchase.
    • Ensure the integrity of the waterproof coating. The entire surface of the furniture should be protected with this coating. Otherwise, the unprotected part will eventually swell from moisture. Pay attention to the waterproofing of the joints.
    • Check the reliability of sliding mechanisms, connections, furniture accessories. Do not buy furniture with gold or silver plastic handles – they will quickly lose their elegant appearance. Their service life is very short. You should choose products with metal chrome handles.
    • Pay attention to safety: it is desirable that the furniture does not have any protruding sharp edges.

Bathroom Vanity Brooklyn



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