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Bathroom Vanities for bathroom Your Choice

Bathroom Vanities Your Choice, is a place where reality meets with the mysterious world of water. Therefore we naturally want to design the bathroom in our own special way. Bathroom Vanity is one of the components of coziness and comfort in a bathroom. It gives identity to this complicated world. We know the best what’s important while buying bathroom vanity, furniture, as well as novelties, manufacturers and the prices. The complexity of choice of Bathroom Vanity namely means comfort and coziness and makes your bathroom your own. But practical and design aspects are a must in the selection of bathroom vanity of your preferences. Today’s manufacturing technologies and improvements the size of a bathroom, not the key concept. Now you can make home salon even from the smallest bathroom, having chosen the corresponding bathroom vanity, other bathroom equipment and different accessories, and the minimum functional freedom for each component in bathroom equipment.

Wooden bathroom vanities

For your Bathroom Vanities please allow at least 27 inch of space In front of a toilet bowl, and nearly 15 inches on both sides from its of its middle line — In order to make your bathroom vanity last for years, you must choose bathroom vanity that withstands damp environment, otherwise – steam, as well as splashes and detergents getting on a surface, will quickly make defunct. The furniture has to be made of the materials which underwent special processing and are steady against the influence of damp air, water, and aggressive chemicals (detergents). In this sense models made of glass and metal are out of the competition. If the furniture is made of wood or chipboard materials, all surfaces are processed with water-repellent varnish, hor protected by corresponding covering layer. The price of furniture depends on the material, a type of finishing, a class of a product and its’ design. It ’s time-proved that bathroom vanities manufactured of wood – remain the most widespread and,  elite, and the most expensive.

Bathroom Vanities

They are classics in style, despite that the water and steam make wood swell, stratified and warped. Furniture of natural wood ( this kind of manufacturing never uses the wooden massif as a uniform board— wood panels are pressed from several layers of horizontal and vertical cuts) though it has special water-repellent impregnation, but only on its surface. Similar models are not cheap, and their acquisition is justified if the area of your bathroom is commensurable with an average living room. In a spacious bathroom, it is possible to afford also a window — it helps with the decrease in a humidity of an air and with the better safety of wooden furniture. Separate breeds of wood are capable to serve long enough. For example, the oak becomes extraordinary strong of staying in the water. Such exotic breeds as “wenge” and “iroko” also don’t get destroyed by moisture. Furniture for the “wet” rooms is also manufactured of beech and cherry. For the increase in durability, models of the massif are coated with a special varnish. The simple technique is used for economy class furniture— the facade is finished with panels which looks like wood, and sidewalls are made from less expensive materials. However, the development of the manufacturing technology allows us to achieve absolutely new indicators both on appearance and on wear resistance even from chipboard plates.

  Bathroom vanity with MDF- DT

 The majority of bathroom vanity for the bathroom is manufactured from chipboard materials— MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard — chipboard of medium density) and of chipboard with a water-resistant coating. MDF is quite popular because plates out of this material are strong, uniform and suitable for the production of the most different details and of various form. MDF plates are manufactured by hot pressing of the dried-up wood fibers, mixed with binding adhesives. Their manufacturing excludes the uses of epoxies and phenol, which are harmful to people health. The front panels of Bathroom Vanity are often made of MDF: a few layers of base paint and enamel increase their resistance to moisture and to physical damages

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