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From Yankee Stadium to the Bronx Zoo - this corner of NYC is home to incredible treasures. Vast and diverse, the Bronx is focused on community and family, whether you live in West Bronx or Williamsbridge. Your home is an expression of yourself, from the curtains in the living room to the mirror in your bathroom. Consider a bathroom upgrade with New Bathroom Style! We carry a massive selection of bathroom furnishings, and we deliver throughout New York. We import luxury vanities from Italy and Spain and move bathroom furniture in every design and style.

Looking to renovate your bathroom completely? We have a wide variety of cabinets, shower bases, fixtures, and more! If you are located in the Bronx, come into our bathroom showroom, or explore our collection online–we’ve got something for every home! 

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Mia Italia 48 Inch Park Avenue 08 Color Polish Lino Luxury Bathroom Vanity Gold Decor 1

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Using the Finest Product for Revamping Your Bathroom is a Must

You can invest as much as you want or choose the most exquisite interior designs. But your bathroom renovation will give satisfactory results unless you use quality materials from fittings and plumbing to hygienic accessories.

Fordham bathroom sinks & Foundstone vanity - popular items in our store.

Everything must be durable and according to the requirements of your design theme. You would not want to fix something again once you are done with the revamping because of low-quality material.

Shop from the most delicate places like New Bathroom Style supply store where you can get a variety of quality products. Also, there is a discount in the showroom so you can get the most exceptional items at the best prices.

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Lexora 80″ Marsyas Color Dark Grey 2 Sink Bathroom Vanity White Carrara Marble Top


Lexora Ziva 80″ Rustic Barnwood LZV352280SNJS000 Double Bathroom Vanity With Cultured Marble Top