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From Yankee Stadium to the Bronx Zoo, this corner of NYC is home to incredible treasures. Vast and diverse, the Bronx is focused on community and family, whether you live in West Bronx or in Williamsbridge. Your home is an expression of yourself, from the curtains in the living room to the mirror in your bathroom. Consider a bathroom upgrade with New Bathroom Style! We carry a huge selection of bathroom furnishings, and we deliver throughout New York. We import luxury vanities from Italy and Spain, and carry bathroom furniture in every design and style. Looking to completely renovate? We have a huge variety of cabinets, shower bases, fixtures, and more! If you are located in Bronx come into our bathroom showroom, or explore our collection online–we’ve got something for every home! 

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Why Choose New Bathroom Style?

We specialize in selling luxurious home, kitchen, and bathroom products. We sell a variety of modern and contemporary bathroom items online at deep discount prices, including bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, and interior doors. If you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, it can be frustrating to buy separate pieces at several stores. Skip the search, and come into New Bathroom Style! You can get everything you need in one bathroom supply store!

Bathroom Interior Trends in the Bronx, New York: A Complete Renovation Guide

There is no other place on earth like New York. One of the most expanded metro areas and home to 21 million people with diverse cultures and lifestyle, New York never runs out of modern living grandiosity. However, the city’s magic does not spread from one converging point. It is divided into five amazingly beautiful boroughs, one of which is the Bronx. Living in the Bronx is a unique experience. The lively state provides every chance to immerse oneself in the charming essence of NYC truly completely. Besides being famous for the birthplace of hip-hop music and the Bronx River, the Borough is an ideal place to find comfortable accommodation. Lifestyle in the Bronx is overall entertaining, extravagant yet less expansive in comparison to the rest of the boroughs. Here you will find all kinds of housing neighborhoods with various accommodation options and exclusive shopping stores including marvelous bathroom supply stores.

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Shop for Bathroom Vanities

New Bathroom Style carries a huge selection of bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets! Bathroom vanities can add a significant amount of storage and usable space within any bathroom. A bathroom vanity can update the feel and aesthetic value of your home. Shopping for the perfect bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be stressful–let New Bathroom Style help you find your dream addition! Our bathroom vanities are specially ordered from Italy and Spain, and we carry a huge variety of shapes and sizes! 

Shop for Medicine Cabinets

Bathrooms in the Bronx can be on the smaller side–but that doesn’t have to limit your storage choices! These covert cabinets function as both a mirror and additional storage, which makes it the excellent double-duty purchase. Medicine cabinets are a great way to add storage space with style, elevating a practical function with grace and elegance! At New Bathroom Style, we can help you find the perfect medicine cabinet for your bathroom. We carry a huge selection of bathroom storage options!

Shop for Interior Doors

There are three things to consider when selecting new doors for your home: value, durability, and design. Your home is an expression of who you are, and your interior doors should look and feel perfect! Just like any appliance or addition to your home, new doors should be quality and made to last. If you’re looking for quality and aesthetic appeal for your new interior doors, look no further than New Bathroom Style! We have a wide range of types and styles, and we can help you complete your home’s look!

Using the Finest Product for Revamping Your Bathroom is a Must

You can invest as much as you want, or choose the most exquisite interior designs but your bathroom renovation will give satisfactory results unless you use quality materials. From fittings to sanitary furniture, everything must be durable and according to the requirements of your theme. You would not want to fix something again once you are done with the revamping just because of low-quality material.

Shop from the finest places like new bathroom Style supply store where you can get a variety of quality products. Also, there is a discount in the showroom so you can get the most exceptional items at the best prices.

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New bathroom style sells beautiful bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, and interior doors at affordable prices.