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Do you want a new design and modern style in your bathroom? Do you want it to be beautiful and cheap? We have everything that you need for the perfect bathroom renovation in Brooklyn. Our Brooklyn, NY showroom has everything you need, from modern bathroom vanities to shower doors, LED medicine cabinets and mirrors with light, toilets, and more. If you're on the hunt for the best brand or luxury bathroom vanity or new shower system, New Bathroom Style is the place to go. Bathroom furniture selection has never been so easy.

Look through a beautiful furniture collection, call us, or come to the store and get an incredible discount.

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Our online store offers a unique ideas space where you can look through some of the designs we can help you embody for your bath remodel. We wholeheartedly invite you to come and visit our Brooklyn store, where you can see the materials and products for your bathroom renovation yourself. We know we can inspire you and help you with your remodeling plans, and we will advise you on a professional contractor. New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, but that doesn't mean you must spend more than you can for the best renovation result you could imagine. Take the time to look around at our bathroom showroom, and you can see our competitive prices for modern goods by yourself. Visit our Bensonhurst store today, and we'll show you how to transform your bathroom. Our bathroom showroom in Brooklyn is open seven days a week.

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Bathroom Supplies Near Me

When you come to our Bensonhurst in Brooklyn showroom, you will encounter the most competent professionals in bath remodeling. The showroom's 3700 square feet area is located for hundred of luxury furniture units, accessories, and other bathroom fixtures. We sell luxury bathroom furniture that will turn your bathroom renovation into a successful one. We can assist you in turning your bathroom vision into a reality. Italian glass mirrors, unique bathroom vanities, shower doors, and medicine cabinets with light- can all be found on our trading floor. Our profile is bathroom products in the most beautiful, innovative European brands such as Mia Italia, Socimobel, and GB Group.

It's why our customers come back repeatedly, and we are constantly updating our Brooklyn store to prove that we have the latest models of bath vanity. We only buy directly from manufacturers and care more about quality than margin. So, if you want high quality at an affordable cost, you're in the right place.


All About New Bathroom Style

You have a bathroom design, and we’ve got the bathroom goods to help you get there. Your bathroom can be a reality with time with our help, and everything you need, from bathroom vanities to shower doors, is available in our store. Our luxury products your bathroom in a way you didn’t imagine, and our expert staff can talk you through our bathroom remodeling materials and products.

We were open at the Showroom in Brooklyn in 2011. And since then, every member of the store team has been striving to help you implement your bath remodeling vision. It can be a person on the phone or a manager in the store - you will get the highest quality consultation. We present products at a discounted price to make them affordable, even for a budget client. We work only with the best factories and brands to offer the highest quality standard for the whole product range. If you need a contractor, we can advise you on a professional. Call us at 718-412-3675

Our store specializes in selling affordable and luxury sides of bathroom furniture and fixtures. We offer a vast selection of inexpensive bathroom furniture and unique bathroom vanity under the brand Mia Italia. As you can see, we’re all about quality, and our passion lies in the impeccably designed. We’re confident that we can help you change your bathroom style, choose the goods that stand out most, and help you remain within your budget.

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