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Perfect Bathroom Decor In 4 Steps

If you planning makes a repair in the bathroom and already decided to perform such a task, then everything will have to be done thoroughly so that for the next 10-15 years you will not return to the issue of repairs. Together with New Bathroom Style, a one-stop bathroom renovation store that sells bathroom furniture and goods, we will tell you how to plan a stylish and functional bathroom that will be ideal for you for years to come.


Step 1. Feel your rhythm

First, try answering the following questions. How much time do you spend in the bathroom? Every morning you get together at rocket speed and is it important for you to have everything close at hand? Or you are not used to rushing: a bathroom is a place of relaxation, where you can take a rest and be alone with yourself, surrounded by, terry towels and incense sticks?

– How to choose a proper bathroom interior?

How you plan the premises depends on your rhythm of life. If you don’t spend hours in the bathroom, you can try replacing it with a shower stall, and use the free space for interesting design solutions, for example, a new – Spanish bathroom vanity from the Socimobel collection or for a wicker basket for towels. If taking a bath is a ritual without which you cannot live, it is worth thinking about optimizing the space by using a functional sink above the vanity or a spacious wall cabinet.


Step 2. Assess the design of the apartment

Do not rush to turn the bathroom into a tropical exotic if the whole apartment is made in the style of French Provence. The interior of the bathroom and other rooms should be harmoniously combined. However, if you want to make the bathroom a unique room with its own style, pay attention to the selection of a door that will be compatible both with the color of the walls in the bathroom and in the hallway.

Step 3. Organize a convenient storage system

Organizing a convenient storage space in your bathroom is very important. Thanks to the order on the shelves, you will not waste precious time in the morning looking for the right things. Place your little things in baskets and containers; you can use the handy Grohe holder for your hairdryer. The items that you use every day are best placed at shoulder level on open shelves, so it will be easier to get and put everything in place. Closed cabinets are also useful in the bathroom: they will help keep things dry and hide items for cleaning the apartment and household chemicals from the eyes.
To make the bathroom look harmonious, toothbrush cups, soap dishes, and other accessories should be chosen in the same style. For example, the Blossom collection combined with accessories will help create a summer mood in the bathroom. Wicker baskets and boxes will help to complete the picture.

Step 4. Choose a room design that suits the spirit

Your bathroom style doesn’t depend on current trends. By blindly following fashion, you can choose a solution that will contradict your character and the mood with which you wash in the morning and take a shower before bed. Moreover, trends live for a maximum of 1-1.5 years and then are replaced by new ones. So the design and color solutions of this room should be approached very responsibly.

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