Save time and your money, Bathroom renovation, is a very important task

Bathroom Renovation  Save Time and Money

Bathroom renovation is a very important task. How do we renovate the bathroom in such a way which makes the room seem more spacious and comfortable? Applying our recommendations and design elements will help significantly in increase space in a small bathroom! While carrying out a bathroom renovation of a small size, especially if there are no windows, do not use ceramic tiles in dark colors with wide borders and large decorative elements. Choose tiles with only bright and pure tones. There are good techniques that give the visual illusion of expanded space in the height and width of a room.If the ceramic tiles are placed vertically, then the bathroom will seem taller. The height of the room will visually increase if the borders are placed standing upright.If you place the ceramic tile width wise, the room will seem more spacious. If the borders are placed horizontally, then the room will look wider.The popular mosaic tile will especially decorate as well as make small rooms appear spacious while having also having a huge variety of colors and shades. Mosaic tile can be applied to all areas or to individual elements of the decor.                                                                    


Carefully think about the ceiling. If it is only painted in white then it will be the cheaper option, you can also install ceramic tile. A mirrored ceiling is a great option as well. A ceiling made of moisture-resistant square plated panels and spotlighting will create the effect of an expansion of space. It is better to decide on a ceiling about it at the initial stage of the bathroom renovation.Suspended stretch ceilings made of frosted plastic or glass with photo printing and with internal illumination have a very lovely look while creating the effect of an expansion of space.It is highly advisable to apply stretch ceilings made of plastic, which have a huge range of colors and can be matt and glossy. They will allow room for any creative ideas and images you might have.The largest effect will be created by a glossy ceiling, which will significantly increase the height of the bathroom and expand the overall space visually.                                                       

Shower and shower body

 Think in advance which shower, shower body, and faucet you will be installing. You can save a lot of space if you utilize certain Shower body sizes and models. A good option for the repair (if it is possible) is to use corner plumbing that will save the central part of the area. Corner bathtubs, shower enclosures, bathroom vanities, toilets, and sinks will fit into any decor. If you can see various interfering plumbing and electrical communications, then: Bathroom vanity, Side cabinet, Medicine cabinet for bathroom and custom specific bathroom interior will help to hide all communications. If you rarely take a bath in the tub, it is best to install a shower with clear glass instead, which at the same time does not close down space.

What to do if a bathtub is necessary for you, but the area of the room is very small?

 In this case, the perfect choice is a mini bath, which has a sufficient depth despite its small size. To protect the room from splashing water, you can use the ledge for the bath with a curtain. It is advisable to use some simple, but very functional ideas, such as maximally use the space to its maximum potentials, such as under the bathroom or between the toilet and the wall                                                                 

 Decor tile

 To increase the visual space of bathroom Décor, employ a bolder use of the original Tile that will make the bathroom elegant and truly unique.

Tile Decor looks distinguished in color or in 3D performance while being particularly impressive and unusual in the bathroom. Modern high-resolution printing technology allows integrating Decor Tile in 3D not only into walls but also into the floor. Rest assured that the original 3D Decor Tile in your bathroom will be appreciated by your family and friends.                                   

What to do if the bathroom has no windows?

 It is beneficial if the bathroom has a window, but the ideal solution is if you have multiple large windows. The best option is the South side of the house or apartment. In autumn and winter days while in sunlight, your bathroom will become a center of relaxation. It will energize you and create a lot of positive emotions. If the bathroom is still lacking a window while still in the design stage, consider the options to create “false” windows. They will create a unique coziness in a small room. The Imitation should look the most realistic, and it is simply necessary to apply additional decorative elements. This simple technique can visually expand the space and to remove the effect of isolation.

The Ideal option here is if the “false” window will be illuminated and with a beautiful design, such as nature-inspired. Decor Tile with a high print resolution with backlit illumination in two planes has a very good effect on the viewer. Another interesting solution is the use of stained glass. Typically, they are mounted in small niches and with proper lighting will create a sense of departure into a different, fantastic and magical world.                                                                 


 Bathroom renovation can be done without additional cost and reconstructions. Try to foresee where you will install the mirrors and the output of electrical cables for lighting and sockets. By correctly applying the optical reflection, one can achieve a stunning effect of increasing the depth and space of the room at least several times.

It is best to use large mirrors. You can use multiple mirrors, but you can’t overdo it, and you should think how feasible will be the effect of multiple reflections. Shelves made of transparent glass are perfectly suited for mirrors. They will look the most stylish and elegant. Take care of the right lighting for the mirror in advance.                                                               


 While carrying out renovation of bathrooms, you must pay careful consideration to the lighting. It plays a huge role in increasing the visual space of any room in the house, and especially the bathroom. It is best to use “daylight” light bulbs which can have a warm and cold glow. What color is the best fit for the job will depend on the planned design. It can be fluorescent lamps and other very original options for bathroom lighting that will make it unusual and exclusive. Ribbon LED lighting will create a beautiful effect highlighting all the details and especially the mirrors while introducing a good opportunity to implement any ideas. Classic lamps – sconces will provide an excellent fit that will blend into the overall design of the bathroom. If possible, provide for combined lighting options in advance. With bright light bathroom may look festive, creating a good mood in the morning. The dim light in the evening time will allow you to relax, creating an atmosphere of relaxation (for example, when taking a bath).

We are absolutely confident that you will make the renovation of your bathroom properly and quickly. Good luck!

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