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New Bathroom Style


New Bathroom Style

If you want your bathroom to be a place that’s peaceful and relaxing, yet stylish and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. We understand those needs and it’s our job to help you to implement the bathroom renovation ideas you want to achieve. We are dedicated to supplying modern products that you’ll love, at low price.

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Our showroom is the place to come if you’re looking to buy the materials, products, and furniture for your bathroom renovation. We’re here to make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our showroom is located in Bensonhurst - in the heart of Brooklyn, New York

Bathroom Ideas

There are very trendy bathrooms on the market. And they add real depth and light to your bathroom space. Mid-century stylings are very popular today too. And you can find furniture inflected by that style in our showroom. We take great pride in the luxury bathroom products that we sell to customers here at New Bathroom Style.

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People who do not consider “interior design” as an empty phrase strive to follow fashion trends in very part of their home. They are more stable than in the fashion industry, but unlike it, they offer not only visually beautiful, but also functional solutions. Below you will find the design features of a modern bathroom – the most vulnerable and personal space.

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Features of modern style

There was a moment in the history when artists created new art in opposition to the renounced past canons. A similar situation happened with the modern style, which at the dawn of its heyday was built on principles opposite to the classical designs.

Traditional interiors are shaped around clear means of expressiveness, strict composition, and subject content. In contrast, contemporary is a universal solution that adapts to the needs of housing, worries about comfort, and is also a canvas for bold ideas. It does not have clear rules, and all visual diversity is united by several principles:

– The modern space has a well thought-out layout, including functional areas and empty room for movement freedom.

– Such an interior was created by people for people. So each item is easy to use and is a component of a whole.

– Contemporary lines can be the basis for unusual design objects, modern art and pop culture elements.

– Room decoration should have a restrained character and be embodied in the beauty of smooth lines, clean forms, and various textures.

– The range of colors varies depending on the nature of the interior. If it has a more laconic atmosphere, and a neutral palette is used contrasting combinations can be added for brightness.

– A room in a modern style is a place where artificial materials look appropriate. The trends of recent years dictate a return to “natural”, so when choosing, you need to focus on the goals of the project.

The bathroom is ideal for a visual demonstration of the wide possibilities of modern style, mainly due to its specific conditions, as well as the practical purpose of the space.

Colors for the bathroom

Colors options for the bathroom

In the contemporary style, many shades look organic if they are lined up in a harmonious color scheme. Let’s consider the most popular solutions

White modern bathroom

As a versatile color, white is ideal for all variations. It is used for walls, ceilings and plumbing. Color is often used as a colorist dominant if you want to create a spacious, slightly “sterile” atmosphere in the bathroom. To avoid rapid contamination of surfaces, it is necessary to select materials that can be cleaned.


Grey modern bathroom

Another popular color option in modern interior, which is combined with monochrome or contrasting shades. It gives a sense of austerity, restraint, but at the same time – a mature style.

Textures of materials will help to diversify gray, and lighting will “revive” its cold aesthetics.

Colors options

Black modern bathroom

Black color can be found in classical styles in the form of small details, but almost never as an integral element of the interior. Spacious modern bathrooms cope with its oppressive depth and play in the most suitable shape. Despite the compatibility of black with almost the entire palette, it is better to use it in tandem with natural or less saturated shades.

Brown modern bathroom

The brown color can stand alone or be embodied in natural wood surfaces. In any case, this is a great option for a discreet modern bathroom, in which there are monolithic shapes. Chocolate, brick, coffee shades look noble. In such an interior, the classics are invisibly present, denounced in modern forms.

Modern blue bathroom

This color in the bathroom is often taken for the design of the marine theme, drawing direct associations with water. But blue itself provides a calm, serene atmosphere that’s perfect for such a room. The blue tint is mainly used for wall decoration. Light wood furniture and white objects look harmonious against its background.


Finishes and materials

“Only practical requirements are put forward for finishing materials for a bathroom in a modern style, and the visual image may vary depending on the project design.”


Ceramic tiles have been a traditional finishing option in bathroom space for a long time. It is resistible to  water, high temperatures and easy to clean. You can choose a product not only by the pattern, but also by the size or shape. In the interior, gravitating towards the classics, porcelain stoneware looks appropriate, which has managed to gain popularity due to its operational properties. Moreover, its coating does not slip, which is especially important in a room with constant humidity. Using a self-leveling floor as a basis allows you to embody the most daring ideas – from the seabed to abstract compositions. Its glossy surface only enhances the realistic effect. The wooden base is expensive, which is associated with the need to apply moisture-resistant protection, since wood does not tolerate the negative effects of the environment. But natural, living aesthetics are worth all the effort.


Painting is considered to be the cheapest type of finishing. Suitable for walls with inconspicuous imperfections that can be easily hidden by ordinary putty. Available in matte or glossy designs.

Modern bathroom can be decorated with a wallpaper. But not an ordinary one, the wallpaper must be water-resistant. Such varieties lend themselves to care, but, in comparison with other materials, do not differ in durability.

As with flooring, ceramic tiles are also the most popular choice for walls here. Recently, it has been fashionable to cover the entire surface or only individual sections with hexagonal products.

It is being used in the interior and plastic panels that imitate other textures. Natural stone is considered as the most expensive material. But only stone and marble are able to create both luxurious and minimalistic look.

Contemporary bathroom furniture

The modern bathroom is filled with furniture with clear shapes and lines with a minimalist design. Most often these are objects made of wood or MDF, as a cheaper base.

The priority is mounting medicine cabinets with lights, which form a single volume. Their location and dimensions is not limited by style rules, only by space features.

In many bathroom interiors there is a countertop along one wall of stone or wood. Washbasins, storage spaces, household appliances are built into it. Speaking of the latter, despite the modern nature of the room, it is better to hide any bathroom appliances from prying eyes behind furniture facades, as they clutter up the space.


For the bathroom in a modern style, newfangled goods should be functional, convenient to use and ergonomic. The bath is often combined with a shower or limited to only the latter. Bulky fonts were replaced by shower corners – now they are part of the space hidden behind a glass partition.

Allocating a separate room only for water procedures is a completely incorrect decision. Now you can find a place in it for a toilet bowl, which is limited to a compact wall-mounted model, without a bowl, as well as a barrel.

In addition to standard-shaped sinks, there are also round, oval or rectangular sinks. It is customary to build faucets into the wall, and instead of two-valve ones, stop on single-lever models.

Decor and lighting

General object and decoration compositions are used here as decorations. In a modern style, each object is in its place, so indiscriminate interweaving of decorative details can disrupt the harmony. To diversify the bathroom, you should choose accessories with an interesting design.

You can hang a LED functional shower panel, and decorate the walls with hanging shelves. Even a toothbrush cup made of aesthetic material, instead of the usual plastic counterparts, will “refresh” the interior.

Choose interesting textiles for bath towels, bathrobes and rugs that will stand out in the overall color ensemble. Mirrors of different geometric shapes will not only expand the space, but also help complicate its design.

Contemporary lighting is an important functional and decorative element. According to the rules, several light schemes are installed: general lighting, for which built-in spotlights are responsible, as well as sconces or suspensions in the washing area. LED medicine cabinets and mirrors with lights around the frame look stylish.

It is necessary to pay attention to the covering of the ceiling and other objects in the room. Glossy ones enhance the light, and for matte ones, you need to organize more saturated lighting.

Small modern bathroom

Unlike the classics, the modern style is able to adapt to the peculiarities of the layout, so it can be safely used to decorate small-sized bathrooms. This will help following the following principles:

1. Wall decoration should have an even coating or be decorated with small plain tiles, for example, imitating brickwork. However, working with such details is troublesome. Alternatively, large-format products with shallow relief look good.
2. In modern bathrooms with an area of up to 50 square feet, it is better to finish the floor with narrow ceramic tiles.
3. The color gamut consists of light shades that are enhanced under bright light.
4. Furniture set should be limited only to the essentials. The priority is hanging units, since it is recommended to use a vertical area in small bathrooms.
5. Fans of taking foam baths will have to sacrifice pleasure in the name of practicality and purchase a compact shower cabin.
6. Mirror and glossy surfaces visually add volume to the interior.

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