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Professional reconstruction of home, apartments and bathrooms.

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– All work for construction and reconstruction of bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms
– All types of plumbing work inside buildings
– Installation of ceramic tiles, marble, granite, porcelain
– All carpenters work inside buildings

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Professional reconstruction of home, apartments and bathrooms

Bathroom renovation is a job that requires a responsible and professional approach. It begins our morning and ends our day. It is a special place in the apartment, the decoration of which should be treated thoroughly. It is important to have a well-thought-out design, to purchase high-quality materials, as well as to choose a bathroom vanity and accessories. Specialists at New Bathroom Style Inc. will help you purchase high-quality materials and I. M. E. N. Corp will repair your bathroom to the highest standards. The photos show repairs of bathrooms made by the firm I. M. E. N. Corp and materials provided by New Bathroom Style Inc. for the finishing touch. It is very important to efficiently perform all work on installation and coating. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of clogging the sewers. An integral part of the bathroom renovation is ventilation. A competently installed air exchange system decreases moisture in the bathroom. We provide various photos of finished bathrooms so you can see different styles and designs. You need to create the right lighting in the bathroom, which will allow you to visually enlarge the room. Installing a large mirror in the bathroom or medicine cabinet also will also help this task. A competent location of light sources next to the latter will provide for a cozy and comfortable stay in the bathroom.
New Bathroom Style Inc. together with I. M. E. N. Corp guarantees high quality and reliable bathroom repair and renovation. You can see examples of that just by looking at the photos. We do an excellent job with the repair and renovation of small bathrooms, combining comfort, functionality and coziness. For a better visual enlarging of the space, we suggest using a light tone ceramic tile in the design and to increase the amount of light.
A good solution for a small bathroom space will be a variety of wall-mounted shelves. I. M. E. N. Corp performs quality bathroom repair and renovation, photos of which you can see below. Experts at I.M.E.N. Corp will carry out repairs and renovations in a timely manner at the most affordable prices, and New Bathroom Style will help with the acquisition of all necessary material.

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