Home Remodeling Trends in Staten Island

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On the other hand, West New Brighton, New Springville, and Livingston consist of small neighborhoods with attractive townhouses and apartment buildings. These houses and apartments are spacious with airy rooms. Usually, middle-class families reside in these homes and apartment buildings.
Home Revamping Trends in Staten Island
Residents of Staten Island need not be bothered about their environment. It’s healthy with lots of natural spaces and clean air. The borough stands out from the rest of the boroughs in New York City owing to its rich architecture. However, there is an increased trend in revamping houses. Too often, bathrooms that offer a chance to spend some time in peace, are neglected. Little importance is given to bathroom renovation. Needless to say, there is a renewed trend to construct luxurious bathrooms with industrial features and stylish bathroom vanities.
Popular Trends in Bathroom Renovation in Staten Island
Flooring has the potential to give bathrooms a wow-factor. When it comes to bathroom flooring, the focus should be given to both durability and elegance. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a popular choice, allowing to make a slip-free, hardwearing and chic floor. Marble flooring or flooring with the help of granite or polished concrete also gives a flawless look to the bathrooms. Families with little kids usually prefer to opt for porcelain tiles.
Tubs, toilets, and sinks are the raison detre of the bathrooms and need to be equally checked and installed with perfection. Contemporary bathroom fixtures play an important role in giving your bathroom a neat and polished look and must be installed with perfection.
Contemporary Trends in Bathroom Designing
The dwellers in Staten Island can choose from a range of unique bathroom vanities including interior doors and LED medicine cabinets. A well-designed and personalized bathroom offers a bespoke experience. The trend of using the latest Bathroom interiors is on the rise with people choosing from the most stylish bathroom vanities for the purpose of bathroom renovation.
Today’s modern bathroom supply stores provide the following unique bathroom accessories:
a. Bathroom Vanities:
A nicely-designed bathroom vanity can make your bathroom space look neat and clean. Contemporary bathroom vanities are pretty much streamlined so that they can conceal the plumbing. A stylish bathroom vanity may include a sizeable cabinet. Installing a new bathroom vanity can give a unique, aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.
There is a wide range of bathroom vanities available in varying sizes, colors and designs. Some are designed to give a classic look while others offer a more modern look. Bathroom vanities range in size from 30 to 36 inches tall. However, a standard bathroom vanity is 32 inches tall. In most cases, solid rubber and wood are used to build vanities.
b. Interior Doors:
Gone are the days when people used to choose plain doors with no concern for durability and design. Interior doors should be so elegant as to provide a rich, welcoming appeal. Today, bathroom supply stores provide hard-wearing interior doors for bathrooms with exquisite designs.
Interior doors are made up of high-quality materials such as pine blocks so that they are not vulnerable to damage. Such doors are also known as solid core doors that are durable and soundproof.
c. Shower doors:
Shower Doors have become tremendously popular among people who have a peculiarly good taste in the interior. They are made up of glass, an epitome of contemporary aesthetic design. Just like bathroom vanities, shower doors come in different designs. One shower door can completely change the entire look of the bathroom.
Modern shower doors are made up of protective glass coating, combined with stainless steel, aluminum or bronze. One of the advantages of shower doors made up of glass is that any stain can be easily wiped out.
d. Medicine cabinets:
Medicine cabinets prevent your bathroom from being occupied by lots of unwanted of stuff. It contains two important components; a mirror and additional storage. This makes it a must-have vanity in your bathroom. Medicine cabinets made up of aluminum are quite reliable. They come in different designs such as recessed, tri-view, edge and surface-mount. This exposes you to a range of unique designs so that you can choose the most suitable cabinet for your bathroom.
e. LED medicine cabinets:
As innovation has led to the development of unique products in every field, the field of interior design is no different. The production of LED medicine cabinets has upped the game of bathroom renovation and bathroom store houses are now producing medicine cabinets with light. They have instantly become one of the most sought after bathroom interiors.
These types of medicine cabinets consists of stripes of LED lighting with a seamless mirrored surface. LED medicine cabinet are timeless in their design and aesthetics. Get your hands on them!
f. Bathroom Lightings:
Your bathrooms deserve adequate lighting too. Let your bathroom be brightened up by attractive lighting. Usually, dim lights are used to light up bathroom to give them a subtle look. Bathroom lights can be fixed to a wall or be used as ceiling mount lighting. The color of the walls of the bathroom is an important factor that should be taken into account while choosing the right lightings.
g. Bathroom sinks:
No bathroom is completed without sinks. Generally, sinks are made up of stainless steel. However, as innovation has largely taken place in contemporary bathroom designing, bathroom sinks made up of glass are a popular item among people. Sinks made up of glass comes in different shades and are made up of tempered glass. These shades range from the subtle hue of blue, yellow, pink and brown. They also come in different shapes.
h. Bathroom faucets:
When everything else in your bathroom is chic and glamorous, then why overlook the importance of bathroom faucets. Faucets may occupy a tiny space in your bathroom, or more appropriately are a small part of your sink, their importance cannot be overlooked. An elegantly designed faucet gives an all-together different feel every time you or our guests wash their hands, Polished with chrome or nickel, faucets are available with a single and double handle.
i. Towel warmers:
Complete the look of your bathroom with electric towel warmer. They, undoubtedly, give your bathroom an elite look. Towel warmers do not only serve the purpose of drying towel, but also prevent bathrooms from getting molds and mildews. Modern towel warmers are also ecofriendly and save energy.
What Should be your one-stop-shop for purchasing bathroom accessories?
Quite a few bathroom stores have sprung up in Staten Island. However, not all of them offer the best quality products for bathroom renovation. New Bathroom Style promises to furnish your bathroom with a pleasing look. We take pride in providing state-of-the-art bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets with light, interior as well as shower doors and beautiful, bright bathroom lightings. Let New Bathroom Store be your one-stop-shop for all kinds of bathroom accessories.
How to Get the Right Bathroom Renovation Accessories?
You may not know how to remodel your bathroom for a better appeal. That said, it might be possible that you do not have an appropriate idea about the latest bathroom renovation tools tool. But, worry not! Our experts are ready to help you with contemporary design ideas that can help you revamp your bathroom and completely alter its look.
We have a nice range of brands that design bathroom accessories to cater to our customers’ diverse needs. This includes high-street brands such as Bosconi, Blossom, Design Element, Socimobel, Eviva, Virtu USA, and Wyndham Collection to name a few.
All bathroom accessories are available at reasonable prices. You are free to visit our showroom, talk to our specialists and check our bathroom accessories. You can also contact us via telephone or fax to get insights into modern bathroom accessories. We look forward to serving you!

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