Tips Bathroom maintenance in Your Bathroom

  Bathroom maintenance

Bathroom maintenance is just as important if not more so than one’s kitchen maintenance. The bathroom is used daily and is a place of high traffic in any household; as such it must be cleaned and maintained monthly if not weekly. A well kept bathroom is not only hygienic but also a pleasant place to be in. When attended to regularly the time to clean out a bathroom will be minimal. Here is a list of things to look out for and clean to have hygienic bathroom.

Regular bathroom maintenance

Check for water: wet spots, heavy mold build up, still water as was as flaky paint coatings are all signs of water damage and if found one should contact a plumber.

Check for loose tiles: loose or shifting tiles should be replaced or reinstalled as quickly as possible to avoid water damage inside the wall.

Check for leaks: one should look out for leaks from their fixtures and visible piping to avoid damages, if found seal quickly or call a plumber for assistance.

Check for mold: dark patches of mold can sometimes on shower doors, curtains, door tracks as well as on the grout in between tiling. If found clean it out as soon as possible as it is a health hazard in long term exposures.

Check the grout: damaged or degraded grout in between tiles should be fixed in a timely manner to avoid water damage and keeping the aesthetic of the tiling intact.

Clean sink: Wipe down the sink with a washing cloth regularly. Due to the nature of its use, the bathroom sink can be dirtier than the kitchen sink so it’s required that the sink is looked after to keep the harmful bacteria count down.

Clean shower: have your shower fixtures cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance and function.

Clean tub: avoid abrasive cleaners on acrylic tubs as they will scratch the martial. Do not polish the bottom of the tub as it will become a safety hazard.

Clean curtains: have them cleaned regularly before any visible water spots, stains or mold builds up. It is much more difficult to clean curtains once these things show up and they simply never will if they are maintained correctly.

Clean bathmats: wash out the bathmats every week or so. They can become filthy incredibly quickly as they are often wet and in humid conditions making it easier for dirt and other such things to stick to them.

Clean fan: dust can build up quickly in a bathroom ventilation fan due to the high humidity present in a bathroom. It is recommended that the filter and blades of the fan be cleaned out every week or other week.

Clean drain: pull out and thoroughly clean out your drain on occasion to avoid and degrading of material or blockage of water flow.