Small Bathroom Interior

Bathroom Interior

How important is the bathroom size during the renovation planning?

In small standard spaces 5′ x 7′, such as a bathroom or a toilet, every square meter is worth as a gold weight. And this is really not an exaggeration – every inch is appreciated in a tight space.

Compactly place objects in bathroom

It is not an easy task to compactly place all the necessary elements in the bathroom. The hardest part is with objects that cannot be reduced or completely abandoned, such as a bathtub, shower cabin, toilet, and sink. But difficult does not mean impossible, at least this is what the interior designers decided and prepared several projects for small bathrooms, in which, nevertheless, they managed to accommodate everything necessary.

The most famous designers look for the best furniture. If you looking for bathroom vanity and bathroom furniture it is right bathroom supply store – New Bathroom Style we location in Brooklyn, NY. It should be the relevant result of the search if you type “bathroom supply store near me”.

As practice shows, the problem of a small bathroom is still relevant even in modern homes. It is sometimes simply unrealistic to fit in a small bathroom everything you need – a shower, a bath, a toilet, and a sink, so designers have to come up with a variety of solutions to this problem. Looking for the wide range of possible options in our bathroom store – it is impossible not to get lost.

The path of least resistance is to give up one of the components of comfort, for example, a bath or shower, but at the same time not really feel at home, constantly feeling uncomfortable and annoyed that the most needed things do not fit.

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How to make a small bathroom look larger?

You can install all the necessary elements, but at the same time make redevelopment and take a few square Ft from the living room or corridor. However, since in apartments with small bathrooms and the rooms themselves are not too large, as a result, you can change the awl for soap – equip the bathroom, while making one of the rooms not comfortable enough.

Another option is to switch to a more efficient model and use the most compact parts in the smallest area. And the first on this path will be consoled plumbing items.

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