Bathroom Interior Trends in the Bronx, New York: A Complete Renovation Guide

There is no other place on earth like New York. One of the most expanded metro areas and home to 21 million people with diverse cultures and lifestyle, New York never runs out of modern living grandiosity. However, the city’s magic does not spread from one converging point. It is divided into five amazingly beautiful boroughs, one of which is the Bronx.

Living in the Bronx is a unique experience. The lively state provides every chance to immerse oneself in the charming essence of NYC truly completely. Besides being famous for the birthplace of hip-hop music and the River, the Borough is an ideal place to find comfortable accommodation.

the bronx vanities

Lifestyle in the Bronx is overall entertaining, extravagant yet less expansive in comparison to the rest of the boroughs. Here you will find all kinds of housing neighborhoods with various accommodation options and exclusive shopping stores including marvelous bathroom supply stores.

Interior Trends in the Bronx and its Neighborhoods
Discovering the neighborhood that suits your way of living is always one of the biggest motivation to settle in the Bronx. Being the most diverse borough, people in the Bronx have a vast choice to make their settlement as per to their requirement.

The Bronx is a vast land with various regions including South Bronx, West Bronx etc. It has almost 50 splendid neighborhoods. Each one of them reflect an affluent lifestyle with a prominent interest in home decor and bathroom renovation. Moreover, the Bronx is famous for its unique renovations trends, especially when it comes to bathroom renovation trends, the Bronx is the right place to take inspiration from. From luxury bathroom vanities to beautiful tiling inclinations, here you will find everything super attractive and highly stylized.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in the Bronx are:

· Riverdale is an ideal town with a combination of enormous, opulent mansions and costs friendly apartment dorms. Here streets are tree-lined and homes are well furnished with the unique taste of bathroom interiors.

· Fordham encircling the famous Fordham University campus is the converging point of suburban travel routes. Featuring an active downtown shopping place, the neighborhood is known for its vibrant lifestyle.

· Concourse: A small town with affordable housing options, Concourse exhibits youthful energy and liveliness. Here you can find medium apartments with 2-3 bedrooms and even some studio apartments, which can be in luxuries single units with a little interior.

· Mott Haven: If you’re looking for an affordable place, with a beautiful riverside view and a housing community with a welcoming vibe, Mott Haven is the place for you.

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Besides happening interior trends, the Bronx has another advantage regarding remodeling bathroom spaces. The outstanding bathroom supply store, New Bathroom Style is just nearby for the people who plan a complete renovation Bronx NY to shop the most exclusively designed bathroom furniture, faucets, and other items.

The place is an ideal supply store if you are in the process of redesigning your bathroom. Here you can find bathroom faucets suitable for your chosen theme and that also, at the best price. Moreover, if you are confused regarding anything about your bathroom renovation projects, the staff can assist you in choosing the best items for your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities – Interior Doors & Medicine Cabinets 
Homes in the Bronx are beautiful and luxurious. That increases the demands of luxurious bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, and interior doors. Therefore, New Bathroom style showcases modern designed interior doors, bathroom vanities, and durable medicine cabinets at a very reasonable price and guaranteed quality.

Trending Bathroom Styles 
Home improvement is not an easy project to complete. There is a lot of time and investment involved. But a lot of people miss to revamp and decorate the most crucial spot of a house- the bathrooms. Bathroom renovation is a smart art and gives fantastic results if done with proper planning and incorporating quality bathroom materials.

Also, it is essential to choose your theme without sacrificing the element of comfort. Another thing to keep in mind is that your restrooms interior must match with the rest of the house. There are a lot of choices to pick from such as modern, vintage, traditional and many others. One can always think of something unique and yet there are many current trends among the interior design circles in the neighborhood from which you can take inspiration.

The following are some of the unique bathroom trends which are in practice these days. While taking inspiration from these beautiful bathroom interiors keep in mind that each of these elements counts. From bathroom vanities to the material and tiling everything should go along with each other, enhancing the theme prominently.


Gold is Never Old
No longer consigned to the style archives, the element of gold in restrooms have returned with a new identity to intensify the glam side in the bathroom. One simple way to include golden faucets. One can also start with revealed pipes or light fixtures.

Concrete and Plaster for a New Look
We are aware that concrete and plaster are known for being stiff and firm. But that is no longer true. In 2020, you’ll see them incorporated very smartly to give bathrooms a new raw look. Concrete walls with a dark or light shade can reflect warmth. Also, if one adds a mirror with LED the whole lighting effect will completely renew the feel on the concrete interior.

Make a Statement with Your Mirror
Wall-to-wall mirror is just fine, but 2019 reveals many bathroom interiors were beautiful, unique mirrors are making a statement – something a little more interesting. It also depends upon the kind of bathroom you have and the theme you have chosen. Add large mirrors with interesting shapes if you can top add a sense of vastness in your restroom space.

Consider Symmetry
Playing with symmetry never gets old. The center of attention will be on pure elegance, smartly placed pieces, and balanced proportions- even a simple medicine cabinet with light can add an effect. Classical fittings with beautiful shapes and soft, elegant colors that will harmonize. For adding a wow element, leave one or two things asymmetrical. Introduce at least one show-stopping feature – a giant vase or a huge mirror is especially eye-catching in this kind of setting.

Interesting Tile Patterns and Shapes
Basic tiles are ordinary, experiment with your tiling to give an edge. Choose striking colors and graphics to replace the traditional tile shape into something fascinating.

Contemporary Industrial Style
Bold, simple and way convenient, bare sink pipes in an industrial style bathroom are in trend. Especially for single, one-bedroom apartments. They acquire less space.

Plus, with a metal finish or some subtle use of wood with unusual tile trims can completely revamp the look of a simple, small bathroom.

Industrial sinks can be paired with stark colors, like black, orange, green and red to regenerate the look in modern style. Remember this is an urbanized theme for youngsters home. So keep it trendy and straightforward at all costs.

Unique Window Frames and Classy Interior Doors
One must not forget that the look of bathroom space has a lot to do with window frames and doors. Fix luxurious interior doors if you have more than one bathroom entrances. It will increase the grandeur of the whole set up. Also, try to decide attractive yet comfortable window placements in the restrooms.

Sherbet Shades Are the New Cool
Color always makes a difference in the interiors. Sherbet hues nowadays are in for bathroom interiors. They are considered to provoke an approach of glitz and delight. Sherbet shades can be paired with a lot of elements like metallic brassware, golden fittings, natural materials like concrete and clean traditional white tiles. Don’t forget to do some efficient lighting to make your bathroom space bright and modern.

Using the Finest Product for Revamping Your Bathroom is a Must
You can invest as much as you want, or choose the most exquisite interior designs but your bathroom renovation will give satisfactory results unless you use quality materials. From fittings to sanitary furniture, everything must be durable and according to the requirements of your theme. You would not want to fix something again once you are done with the revamping just because of low-quality material.

Shop from the finest places like a new bathroom Style supply store where you can get a variety of quality products. Also, there is a discount in the showroom so you can get the most exceptional items at the best prices.

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