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Bathroom in the bedroom


Most reasonable-sized build houses these days of two or three bedrooms come with an en-suite bathroom in the bedroom. The trend has now got to the point where it is a must-have for home movers and sellers are figuring out possibilities of fitting an en-suite into the in bedroom if possible. Having this extra bedroom bathroom is a real advantage and adds value to your house. If you haven’t a bathroom in your bedroom and have space for one then go ahead and get it put into your house, pre-agreed with plumber and architecture bedroom ideas.


Most suite small bathroom inside will have the usual standard setup bath vanity and toilet. This is the general format bathroom design but you may find some that have a shower installed as well. The shower enclosure will probably be quite small as space is generally limited so you should look for an enclosure that fits the specifications room. You can purchase shower enclosures from 32 x 32 Inches in the smallest size. Another feature that may affect what you buy is the shower door. Most models come with a single opening door but buying an shower enclosure like this could cause some issues with access if the door obstructs anything when it is open. To avoid this you could look at either a double door system or maybe a sliding door system for interior design.


A very popular bathroom vanity for not big bathroom is model Sicimonel 20 Inch “Box” in 4 different colors. This basin cabinet is not very deep so is great for a small space, does have built-in storage space beneath the basin for some accessories. This model is available in different finishes and comes with a very stylish mixer tap as part of the price. 


The size and style of your bathroom will help determine which type of vanity cabinet will be suitable for you bathroom ideas. New Bathroom Style offers a multitude of options available with hundreds of different shapes and sizes and also different styles of the vanity cabinet as well.

The sink cabinet is a combined basin  as the name suggests. Quite often these basins will be integrated into the countertop of the cabinet but you can also get some that are freestanding on top of the counter. Having a double sink cabinet is quite trendy these days and is a good option if there is a rush for your bathroom in the mornings. The extra storage space available in this type of basin setup is a real bonus and helps to de clutter your bathroom as your space to store your shampoo and shower gel bottles.


A more traditional option is a pedestal basin for design interior. These are normally two-piece items with a sink sitting on top of a pedestal. You can get these in contemporary models as well so don’t just think that this is a traditional bathroom suite option. These types of basins look great in a matching suit with a toilet or maybe a bidet as well. If you want a large basin and pedestal basins usually tend to have a large basin with a bit of space for leaving a few toiletry items.

The size and style of your bathroom will help determine which type of sink will be suitable for you. There are a multitude of options available with hundreds of different shapes, different styles of cabinet for small bathrooms.

The last of the main options is a wall hung basin which you would normally tend to install in a smaller bathroom or downstairs restroom. A small wall hung basin with a small mixer tap is perfect when space is limited. You can get these in corner varieties as well so they hang on two walls. Always check the wall that you are installing on first as you may need to put some support in place if the wall is not solid.

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