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Stages of Bathroom Renovation

Below are listed the main stages of the work, which is usually performed when carrying out repairs in the bathroom and choosing a new bathroom vanity near me.


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What measures should you take before the repair?

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Before starting the repair, it is necessary to take all measures so the construction dirt and debris are not spread on the whole apartment. This way it is easier to do the cleaning. For this purpose – flooring in adjacent rooms is covered with plastic wrap and gentle burrow all door openings. Especially when dismantling old glazed tiles form a suspension of construction dust, which is very easy to penetrate all the rooms in the apartment and is deposited on all surrounding objects.

1) The first stage of repair

The dismantling of all the old and unnecessary, which is planned to be replaced in the process of repairing the bathroom. This work is the dustiest and takes care of your health – work in a respirator. In dismantling, it is convenient first to remove the bathroom cabinets and a sink, remove the faucets, and only then remove the old ceramic tiles and floor, walls, and ceiling. The old tub is usually passed through a door opening when to deploy sideways. You have to remove a hinge door and legs before transporting most of the bathtubs.
If it is a smooth layer of old paint on the bathroom walls, after removing the tiles, it is possible it is not removed, and in this place to make the ax a little more small incisions. For those incisions will be good to cling tile adhesive, which will be pasted new tiled tiles.
After removing the old lining materials with the floor, walls, and ceiling of the bathroom, inspect them in the presence of mold and mildew. If there are such traces, you must take appropriate measures to eliminate them. Remember to combine your design that way so it can fit a modern bathroom vanity.
Now we have an empty room in the bathroom, which is a testing ground for further renovation.

2) The next stage

The replacement of the pipe and plumbing in the bathroom. Naturally, this work must be done as quickly as possible because the water supply is supposed to be turned off. Modern metal-plastic pipes are quite durable, and many professionals practice their wiring inside the walls. To do this, the walls are gouged and new lines are laid in the resulting gutter, which are covered with a building mixture on top.
After that, they proceed to wiring of hidden electrical wiring in the bathroom with a copper cable of the required section in double or triple insulation.
Now you can install a new door. Further, if necessary, work on the alignment of the walls of the bathroom will be performed. Then you can do the waterproofing of the floor, walls and ceiling. For this, there are special water – repellent compounds.
– Does installing tiles require hiring a professional tiler?
You can proceed to the laying of tiles on the floor. This will require services of an experienced tiler. Some owners do not install tiles under the bathtub. Savings of facing materials are not significant, but it creates some inconvenience. So, installing a bathtub is much more convenient, if the tile is laid on the entire surface of the floor.
Then laid tile on the wall of the bathroom of the room and mounted ceiling, which should be water resistant.
After that, you can start installing the bathroom vanity with a sink and faucets for it.
At the end of repair in the bathroom room, assemble the screen under the bath, the bar for curtains, hang a medicine cabinet with a mirror, hinges, towel warmer, dryer for clothes and the other stuff.
On this stage – repair in the bathroom room is finished.

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