We recommend bathroom furniture and bathroom vanities

 Bathroom furniture and bathroom vanities

Bathroom furniture and bathroom vanities usually come with with a sink (both together and separately) together with a standard set component.  They are a mirror, an additional floor vanity, a cabinet case (depending on bathroom sizes), a suspended locker. Usually, known manufacturers equip their bathroom vanities with sinks of the western production. Bathroom vanities also use Plastic handles with chromium plating or gilding, which lose their appearance in some months of operation. High-quality furniture accessories such as hinges, handles, legs are made of the chrome plated metal.

You shouldn’t acquire too many items — they will just block your room.  Just a  sink, a toilet bowl, and a bathtub is a saver option. Also, set a special hanger for towels and a suspended shelf for cosmetics under the mirror. Rectangular shelves and boards are now modern, and everything that stays with them becomes a full part of an interior. They are used as one by one, or in multiple. And still, bathroom vanities your choice add more convenience, protecting everything your bathroom from dust and moisture.

Side cabinet

Side cabinet is a supplement for a bathroom vanity. Side cabinet will be placed in a space which can’t fit the component — such as above the toilet or sink. Their internal space is more than of the floor cabinet. For spacious bathrooms – floor vanities, cabinets, cases various sizes are produced. Those cabinets store items which are usually stored bedroom, rather than the bathroom — a bathing gown, a pile of towels. Side cabinets offer the capacity of usual case. Every manufacturer makes narrow superficial Side cabinets.

Design aspect

Some bathroom cabinets are designed in streamline shapes, in order to avoid getting hurt if someone wrecks into a vanity. Also, lack of sharp edges makes feelings softer and cozy. This approach is proper for the Spanish and Italian producers. Bathroom decor traditionally uses blue color scheme, since this color means freshness and purity – which matches the theme. Many producers “stick” to this belief— so every bathroom related item has at least some part blue. However such tonality isn’t necessary, color can be warm. Soft pastel makes the interior airier.  “Socimobel” company offer the furniture of gentle-yellow, apricot and pistachio tones. Bright is quite seldom in bathrooms, as too bright for small space. And still similar samples are available. In particular, the Italian factory Novello produces scarlet, orange and violet bathroom vanities.

This is exceptional, but bathroom interior is made white. For avoiding monotony (most buyers prefer bathroom vanity white), you can add the bright, and attractive accessories. They are unusual in its’ structure (wood, glass, imitation of a stone, metal). Wooden furniture or one which looks like wooden (MDF laminated with “wooden” texture) becomes much more popular. Each breed of wood has its’ own shade, and texture. The specific choice of version depends, on the general concept of an interior. Since Wood is living material, it is changing within timeframe even when covered. After 18 months wooden bathroom vanity obtains its’ final color. Chrome plated metal in combination with other materials (glass, tree, ceramics,) looks effectively. Designers love the glazed doors of lockers (made by most of the manufacturers) and even the whole collections of glass.

Manufactures and prices

You don’t need to spend fortune designing bathroom. The market of bathroom vanities can be split into three sectors. Inexpensive furniture presented by (Virtu USA, Eviva, Blossom, Decolav, Design Element, Wyndham Collection). Their Bathroom vanities cost $450 – $800 depending on the sizes and supplies. The one with the more modest budget will find a suitable option at IKEA. The firm offers cheap and expensive options ($60 and $300 per set respectively), but they are it durable. Production of Socimobel and Bellezza can be considered as a middle range. Their Bathroom Vanity costs from $900 to $1800. Italian GB GROUP fills the gap between middle and high ranges, with a price of $1700–2500 per set.

German and Italian producers of bathroom vanities offer the highest prices since you pay for the known name, smart design, expensive materials (wood, gilding or silvering). The average price of a set — is $3500 and more. The greatest variety of models by Italian factories offer a quite expensive furniture: Tulli Zuccari, Ceramica Dolomite, Oasis, Arte Linea, Telma, INDA, Azzurra, Bertocci, Pantotre, La Goccia, Axolo, Berloni Bagno. The prices — of bathroom vanity supplies such as a little table and a mirror are from $3500–4500 to highest ($6000 for a mirror with a shelf). The German masters such as (Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, and some other) are competing Italians offering furniture of the highest and medium-to-high price category.