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Fashion is the same as an unpredictable young lady: it tends to change every minute and every second. If you delay with a choice – you can be already late. Even bathrooms are influenced by fashion! It turns out that now it is trendy to make transparent walls, windows and the ceiling in the bathrooms, and put fresh flowers…

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2022 bathroom design trends

Let’s start with the fact that modern bathrooms are not at all what they were twenty or even ten years ago.

Previously, they were just practical rooms for personal care and washing or ironing. Now the bathroom is a concentration of comfort, a favorite place in the house, the warmest and brightest corner where it is so pleasant to lie in the foam, listen to music, and give your beloved half a massage … It is no coincidence that this year’s new homes provide more and more space for bathrooms. Often they are even more spacious than kitchens or living rooms.

Transparent Bathroom Design

Gone are the days when tiny sinks or compact toilets crowded into five squares. Unfortunately, old houses, where people live in such conditions, are an exception, but you won’t see this in new buildings.

Bathroom 2022 trends gravitate more toward a traditional bathtub rather than a shower. Instead, you should even pay attention to whirlpool bathtubs. If space and finances allow, you can install both, and even better. The second feature of the current bathrooms is the presence of windows. Yes, yes, it is the windows that let in the sunlight as much as possible. This option is most convenient to equip in a private house. If you live in a high-rise building, all that remains is to make high-quality lighting.

Perhaps not only a lamp on the ceiling, but also additional light sources near the mirror, near the bath (so that you can read).

Bathroom New York Trends

Can you design your home according to your vision? This is incredible luck! Well, then plan a bathroom with a completely transparent wall. This is the pinnacle of fashion. Do not be afraid. No one can spy on your bathing: the wall is opaque from the outside, and only everything is visible from the inside. But the light will be amazing – imagine how the bright rays fall on the foamy water! Another promising solution is a window directly above the bathtub or jacuzzi. While swimming, you can admire the stars.

Washbasins still stand on monolithic countertops made of wood or plastic. It is both practical and beautiful. But the curtains near the bath began to be made not only from the colored film but also from thin wooden beads, fabric with a silk effect.

Bathroom Design in NY

Decor. Flowers became an unusual move. Indeed, you have never put vases or pots of flowers in the bathroom. And in vain, it looks very fresh and original! True, not all plants can withstand a warm and humid climate, so consult a flower shop in advance.