Bathroom Design Ideas for Your First Home

Bathroom Design Ideas for Your First Home

So you’ve finally crossed that bridge between renting and owning a home. With that comes new found freedom on what you can do because, for the first time, you can add or remove whatever you like. It’s important not to overdo it – this is after all still your first home. Here are 7 Bathroom Design Ideas geared specifically towards new homeowners like you.

1. Add a Little “You” To it

Save the pictures of you and plaques for the other rooms, but don’t be afraid to add a very personal touch to your bathroom so that you truly own the first bathroom that you own. Pick a theme, maybe your favorite vacation spot or hobby, and run with it!

2. Wainscot Away

Wainscoting is a great way to change the entire feel of a bathroom quickly and inexpensively. You can find a number of different solutions at different price points. Wainscoting adds both style and texture to any room.

3. Get The Shower You Always Wanted

Remember when you were a tenant in a high rise and vowed to install a shower in the first place you owned? Well, that time has come! And a tub-to-shower conversion is an easy solution to change the style and function of your bathroom. These new shower surrounds normally come custom-made and in one piece, ensuring a seamless fit.

4. Upgrade from Shower Curtain to Shower Door

Adding a shower door is an impactful upgrade from a shower curtain, and normally isn’t permitted to renters. Exercise that new found freedom and give your bathroom a clean, modern, and sophisticated look with a frameless door, or go slightly more ornate yet still modern with a framed piece.

5. Accessorize to Your Heart’s Content

We’re not talking about a new towel set or toothbrush holder. This time around, accessorize by upgrading faucet heads, towel bars, or cornet seats in your bathroom. These subtle accents will pull your bathroom together if you follow a theme you love.

6. Skip the Major Renovations for Now

After all, it is your first home. Consult the rest of this list as well as other resources for design tips more to your speed and scale. A new shower liner or tub liner is a great way to get serious results without completely gutting and overhauling your bathroom, and the installation can normally be accomplished in a single day.

7. Add Resale Value

This is more of a strategy justifying a new redesign of your bathroom. Real Estate points out that the trend in home buying is that more people are buying a first home that will not be their “dream home”. They are buying homes that need some work, such as bathroom renovations, and biding their time and building equity before purchasing their “dream home”. If you fall into that category, then you will be selling your home at some point. Bathroom design renovations, even minor ones, are a great way to add some resale value to your home No two first homes are alike, nor are the experiences of putting your own personal stamp on them. And yet that feeling of autonomy and creative freedom is universal. These 7 Bathroom Design Ideas are designed to help all first-time owners navigate through the process of creating a bathroom that they love.

Sean Osman

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