Bathroom comforts, Toilet washlet

Bathroom comforts  toilet washlet

We are accustomed to the Bathroom comforts around us. We need a dozen sockets to connect all the “helpers” in the kitchen, while the interior in a modern car resembles the instrument panel of an aircraft. We live in such a great time!

But there is one small room that we use every day, yet we’ve been afraid to let the real comfort in – it’s the washlet. Meanwhile in Japan, the birthplace of Lexus and Toyota, the electronic toilet washlet is a common thing in every family for more than 30 years.

Washlet for toilet Brondell and Bio Bidet, Coco

If you find that comfort is not an empty word then, believe me, you’ll appreciate it at the proper level in the “secret” room.

The first thing that will make you happy is the heated seat. The butt always likes to stay warm (remember that when you start to use the seat), and not only during the period when the house is cool.

Then you will be amazed by the Japanese approach to cleanliness that utilizes warm water and dries with warm air. A few taps on the remote control, and you can continue to use your phone or tablet.

Manage the process yourself – adjust the temperature of washing, drying and the seat itself. Adjust the provision of nozzles and the pressure of water. Do not worry – everything is still under control and in your hands.

Don’t be surprised, as you will not smell the unpleasant odor after using the toilet. The air from the toilet bowl passes through a special mini-air duct with a built-in charcoal filter.

Smooth closing of the lid will be a nice addition to all the features.

Choose a model with night lighting for a comfortable stay in the toilet in the dark.

And for the most demanding users, we will advise to buy a model with automatic lifting/lowering of the lid and the seat.

If, in addition, you want to give up on brushes and be confident in the flushing quality (without pressing anything) – choose a toilet washlet with a “Tornado” automatic toilet flushing system.

You can choose the right model by visiting https://www.newbathroomstyle.com or by visiting our showroom in person. We are located at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204. Tel: 718-412-3675.