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A Guide To Remodeling Your Bathroom

The right bathroom cabinet can make or break the look of a bathroom. No matter how the rest of the bathroom is designed and decorated, the vanity brings it all together. A new vanity is an easy way to modernize the look of a bathroom. Thankfully, there are many varieties and styles on the market.


When selecting a
bathroom vanity

Consider the color, style, and size of your bathroom. If you choose a cabinet style that is too large, it can overpower a small room. A metal and glass vanity will not fit in with the type of a Victorian bathroom.

Unique Bathroom Vanity

You have several options

Not everyone needs more storage in the bathroom. If that is the case, a pedestal-style vanity will work. A pedestal vanity will add style and character to your bathroom. At the same time, this kind of bathroom cabinet fits perfectly in smaller bathrooms, such as a powder room. When purchasing a bathroom countertop, you have several options. There is ceramic tile, laminate, stone, concrete, and stainless steel. Ceramic tile is very popular because it comes in many colors, sizes, and textures. However, the grout in between the tiles can easily stain.

The durability

The least durable is laminate. The most durable is stone countertops, but they can easily stain and are the most expensive.
Another aspect to consider when installing a bathroom vanity is lighting. Lighting can add both drama and function to your bathroom. In a bathroom, task lighting is essential for applying makeup, fixing your hair, or shaving. Sconce lights provide a more even light, while vanity lights coordinate the bathroom vanity and provide sufficient lighting. General lighting can be created from an overhead light.

Bathroom Cabinet – A Guide To Remodeling Your Bathroom


When remodeling your bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, be sure to install the bathroom vanity before you install new flooring. Installing new flooring under the cabinets is both a waste of time and money. In some cases, installing the flooring under the cabinets can cause damage to your flooring. Some of the wood floorings are designed to “float.” And if it is under the bathroom vanity, the flooring can be restricted and not expand and contract.

Bathroom vanities can be easily purchased

The Internet offers unlimited resources for styles and varieties. However, when purchasing a bathroom vanity online, be sure to include the shipping price. Shipping can sometimes be quite expensive.
Another option for purchasing bathroom vanities is at a local home improvement store. Home improvement stores often carry quite a few different vanities in stock. Since the vanities are generally in stock, you can take your purchase home the same day. Usually, if they do not have the bathroom vanity you want in stock, they can do a custom order for you.