Single Sink Bathroom Vanity – Solution For Small Bathroom

Single sink bathroom vanity

The bathroom in each house is a very special place, because all family members use it every day and usually several times. So it should be convenient, comfortable and functional. In most cases this features depends on the choice and arrangement of furniture. It is necessary to select bathroom furniture carefully, since it is necessary to take into account not only the interior design, but also the area of ​​the room, the location of plumbing, heating and other features.

Dukes 48 Inch Single Vanity Dark Grey White Carrera Marble Top White Square Sink and 46 Inch Mirror

Today, bathroom furniture is presented in a wide range, which on the one hand is very good, and on the other it often complicates the choice. A furniture set can consist of two or three elements. For example, you can purchase medicine cabinet with multiple shelves, mirrors and lighting. Or consider buying a complete set, including a single bathroom vanity, freestanding cabinet and a wall-mounted mirror. This usually depends on the size of the bathroom.

Bathroom vanity with a single sink

Bath vanity unit is installed almost in every bathroom. The main feature of this type of furniture is that it has much space perfect for storing linen, hygiene accessories or household chemicals. More often it has hinged doors and shelves inside, but there are also models with drawers. Such furniture has several advantages:

Practicality. Allows rational use of the space under the sink.

Aesthetics. The plumbing and other communications are hidden inside the vanity unit, and therefore are not visible.

Convenience. The necessary items for hygiene procedures are always at hand.

Blossom Lyon 48 Inch Single Bathroom Vanity Color Metal Grey

Bathroom mirror

An integral attribute of every bathroom is a mirror. The variety of mirrors on the market is simply amazing. They can be with or without a shelf, with integrated lighting or just in a frame. For mounting, liquid nails, screws or other fasteners can be used, depending on the design features. The bathroom may also have so-called decorative mirrors, which make the room lighter and more spacious.

A practical option may be a medicine cabinet with a mirror. Often, such hanging cabinets are mounted above the vanity unit with a single sink, which is very practical, ergonomic and convenient.

Features of choosing bathroom furniture

                If you want to remodel you bathroom and make it comfortable and stylish, select furniture with special care. When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

Dimensions. For small bathrooms, choose only the necessary and functional furniture – not to clutter up the entire space.

Material. Choose a material that will combine excellent size, characteristics and cost.

Style. All pieces of furniture should be in the same style and complement the interior of the bathroom.

Color. For small rooms it is better to choose lighter furniture that will visually increase the space, and in spacious bathrooms you can use a darker set.

If you need a single vanity, mirror or cabinet, you can buy the necessary furniture now in just a few clicks in the New Bathroom Style online store. When choosing, take your time and count all the important points so that you make bathroom is comfortable and cozy, as well as attractive.