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New Bathroom Style – the most convenient and comfortable bathroom vanities store to buy amazing bathroom furniture: single sink bathroom vanities, double vanities. Always the most complicated challenge for the homeowners is to find a proper hardware and furniture store closest to their house or apartment. 

Online shopping becomes more and more popular nowadays. In our online store, you are able to buy all the products presented at the showroom and even more. 


New Bathroom Style Offer

New Bathroom Style presents a wide collection of bathroom furniture for lower prices. We strongly advise preparing precisely before coming to our showroom to check the prices and make a purchase. That means that you should decide on the style and design you want to see in your bathroom. As well as to make all the needed measurements. It’s important to measure all the sides – depth, height, length.

You may think about all the accessories and units that you plan to store inside the vanity. One more thing to consider – the number of people that are going to use the vanity. If you have a huge family and don’t want to wait in the queue every morning to brush your teeth – you need to choose a double sink model. If it’s a personal bathroom for a couple of people – a single sink option is enough. This choice consequently influences on the size of the unit.

In New Bathroom Style we sell different sizes and models. For single pieces the dimensions can vary: from 20 inch, 24 inch vanities up to 36 inch and 48 inch single vanities. For double models the sizes are bigger: from 60 inches up to 84 inch double sink vanity units. The standard depth is between 18 inches and 22 inches. 

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Styles bathroom vanities store

The designs of bathroom vanities in stores near me can be different. Each style serves a particular purpose. Usually, homeowners in the United States decide to buy a standard model to complement their bathrooms. But, it is also possible to buy custom-made, unique, and luxury pieces. In this case, our bathroom store near me, New Bathroom Style, will be especially comfortable for you. 

Purchasing the right furniture unit at our showroom will be the best decision for your perfect renovation project!