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Bath fixture store – a convenient one-stop shop to buy everything for your bathroom renovation. It is very convenient as there you can get a high class of goods. Still, literally, all segments of the population know the advantages of buying something online nowadays. So looking for the needed products at the online store of New Bathroom Style is comfortable as well as in the biggest fixture stores of the US. Convenience and clear savings are exactly what the vast majority of potential buyers are looking for. 

At the New Bathroom Style website, you will not waste extra time: there is no need to go anywhere and spend a lot of time. You do not spend extra money: New Bathroom Style offers the best of its’ offers on the online store and always welcomes new customers. And that is why managers of New Bathroom Style do everything to make the provided service as convenient as possible. It is comfortable to browse the catalog and compare models and prices. It is convenient to read here about the manufacturer, about the principles of choosing a particular product, about modern trends in design. It is convenient to place an order at any time of the day, and order delivery right there. Finally, almost everything you need can be found in one place for the planned renovation.  

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Any more or less major overhaul is not complete without replacing plumbing. Like any equipment, bathroom furniture products need to be replaced, although the service life of high-quality equipment is very long. Equipment “authorship” of European manufacturers is usually designed for at least 20 years of operation. This also applies to large bathroom fixtures – such as toilets and baths, floor standing bathroom vanity. And small – for example, faucets and shower systems. No wonder the official warranty period for well-known faucets (for example, from the German manufacturer Hansgrohe ) is 5-6 years (depending on the model). And as you know, it is customary to calculate the real term of work by multiplying the warranty minimum by four. That’s how fixture stores can calculate the price and quality of the sold products.

                Selling plumbing through an online store of a good level also implies the opportunity to get professional advice. And all these at the time you are not leaving your home. You can ask a question directly through the site in what is called real-time. Such a service is usually in high demand because bathroom equipment is a complex and expensive product. We are ready to provide consulting assistance to our clients in order to facilitate orientation in the offered assortment. The task facing the consultant is not just to sell the product, but to help choose the one that will best meet the client’s needs, and at the same time take into account the balance of price and quality.  

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High-quality European and American bathroom furniture is at your service – the New Bathroom Style online store is waiting for your requests. All products presented with New Bathroom style and this is far from only sanitary products, have certificates confirming their quality and authenticity. With New Bathroom style you can choose everything you need for the renovation: ceramic tiles for finishing the bathroom and toilet, faucets for any equipment, convenient and functional shower systems or single showers, and the necessary bathroom accessories. We will offer you both an elite and, accordingly, very expensive product, as well as more budgetary equipment and materials. The level of quality in both cases is guaranteed – both by official warranty obligations, and by the reputation of a company that has been actively working in the USA construction market for more than 10 years.



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