Aquadom Soho LED Light Mirror Collection – New Selection


Sellers and designers can advise buying completely different types of mirrors. But only the owner himself knows his preferences and financial capabilities (some types of mirrors are incredibly expensive). In order to make it fit from an aesthetic point of view to a specific customer, he must make his own choice. Accordingly, before purchasing a bathroom mirror, you need to find out what types of mirrors are.

Types of bathroom mirrors

A bathroom mirror cannot belong to one particular group due to the fact that it can be of completely different shapes and functionalities, for example, a cabinet equipped with a mirror.

So, varieties of mirrors are installed with their main purpose:

  • cosmetic
  • panoramic

Both those and other mirrors can be:

  • round
  • rectangular shape
  • polyhedra with pointed corners or rounded,
  • avant-garde figures and so on.

Drawings and patterns on mirrors:

  • printed pattern on the surface of the mirror (multi-colored or plain),
  • carved in a mirror (for example, a bathroom mirror with carved gulls or butterflies looks beautiful),
  • glued elements (for example, transparent drops of water) and similar options.

Mirror color:

  • colorless
  • colored

The mirror in the bathroom can be divided according to the type of configuration:

  • separately mounted
  • with a shelf (an interesting option: a colorless mirror and a transparent glass shelf. Quite a tricky maneuver, because the shelf does not strike the eye, which creates a neat look),
  • combined with another piece of furniture: a cupboard, a pencil case.

Mirrors are also classified by quality characteristics:

  • moisture resistant – a great solution for the bathroom,
  • with built-in defogger, which is also relevant when interacting with water and vapors,
  • heated
  • with lighting and more.

From the last category of mirrors (with backlight), you can determine a whole group of diverse models:

Backlighting is not always a plurality of lamps located around the perimeter of a mirror. It is possible that one or more lamps are in the ceiling above or below the mirror. Although, the second option is less convenient. A mirror is considered popular with illumination on both sides, but so that the coverage of the light beam is focused on the mirror. This type of lighting is called outdoor lighting. Similarly, you can allow the whole room to be illuminated, depending on its scale, mirror size, light intensity.

Aquadom Soho 48 x 30 Inch Ultra-Slim Led Light Mirror With Dimmer And Defogger

With internal illumination or LED option. As a rule, such a lighting system is the most expensive, convenient, and luxurious in appearance. Lamps can be installed along the entire contour of the mirror or capture only the horizontal or vertical sides, as well as in a p-shaped or arc-shaped manner,

with decorative lighting when the LED lamps are built into the mirror itself. In this case, the task is to decorate and is also perfect for lighting when applying makeup and other hygiene procedures.

Mirrors are characterized by the type of frame:

with or without a frame,

metal frame, mirror rim (to the tone of the mirror, matte, tinted, etc.), plastic edging.

Now about the choice of mirror.

Everyone chooses for himself what he likes. Fashionable or not fashionable – this is a secondary issue. The main thing is that the mirror suits for aesthetic reasons and on the functional side. The emphasis is on the material side.

Aquadom Soho 36 x 30 Inch Ultra-Slim Mirror With Light Defogger Dimmer

                One of the most popular options on today’s market is the brand SOHO LED mirror collection. It was just added to the Aquadom product selection. It is a contemporary, 5mm thick copper free silver mirror, 1” Ultra-Slim Anodized Aluminum Frame. The SOHO LED mirror is equipped with dual frosted light bands situated approximately 2” from the edge of the mirror wrapping all the way around the mirror surface perimeter. The SOHO LED mirror also is designed and featured with the latest high-end ACRYLIGHT TECHNOLOGY, which is ambiance lighting that is along the perimeter of the edge of the frame to produce a soft luminous glow. The SOHO LED mirror features to include a defogger for a never steamed up glass when coming out of the shower and a dimmer function to dim or intensify the LED lighting as needed. The SOHO LED mirror is now available in eleven sizes which can be installed vertically or horizontally.

                In New Bathroom Style, a bathroom supply store in Brooklyn, you will be available to buy these kinds of mirrors in different specific sizes: 72×36, 60×36, 60×30 inches, and much more!

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