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Aquadom Medicine Cabinet 15x70 Inch



Many people have already managed to get acquainted with the latest trends in modern bathroom design. However, some believe that these innovations are just a whim. But is it really so?


Bathroom mirror

A bathroom mirror is necessary in any case. Brushing your teeth, shaving, applying cream or cosmetics is almost impossible to do without it. But the mirror in the bathroom should be with a special coating since the usual glass surface does not have moisture-resistant qualities. Therefore, if a bathroom mirror is purchased, then this fact must be taken into account.

This way, it is obvious that there is no way to equip a room without a mirror!

Cabinet in the bathroom

There are still people who are confident that the cabinet in the bathroom is an excess, especially if there is not enough space. This category of people is sure that a few hooks for towels and a glass for a toothbrush are enough. How relevant is this opinion?

Imagine that a towel weighs on some clove, which is impractical from several sides:

  • due to constant moisture, the towel becomes wet, which does not allow drying with a dry cloth;
  • The next reason – bacteria and fungi multiply in the wet material, which is dangerous for the health;
  • from the hook, a hole forms on the towel over time;
  • hooks look cheap.

In addition to towels, other accessories are hidden in the bathroom, especially for women. Displaying tampons and daily pads for public viewing is at least indecent. And the most important thing is that scattered things indicate negligence. Plus, hygiene products and cosmetics should not get wet. Is it possible without a cabinet with closed shelves?


LED lights in the bathroom

It is clear that the LED backlight looks very effective. But its practical application is not entirely clear. To begin with, there can be several types of the backlight. One view is that the lighting is powered by general power. The second is battery powered.

The variety that is plugged into the outlet draws less energy than a standard lamp, which is beneficial for frequent visits to the bathroom. As for the battery option, this is the best solution for those who have problems with the availability of electricity in the bathroom.

LED lighted mirror cabinet

Based on the foregoing, it is obvious that a mirrored cabinet with built-in lighting is an excellent solution to many problems. A single design performs three functions at once:

  • mirrors;
  • locker;
  • backlight

In its dimensions, the mirror cabinet will take up much less space than the stand-alone three elements.

But still there remains a small part of people who limit their choice – a mirror with LED lighting, assuring that their bathroom is too small for a cabinet. A backlit mirror is a luxurious solution, but it is recommended to install it in toilets or in public places, or in large bathrooms, where there is the opportunity to place a pencil case.

If the consumer is sure that he has not the area where he can walk around with furniture, then he can be lost in a moment. Today there is a wide selection of models that fit into any free slot.


So, it is recommended to consider the following models of a famous brand, Aquadom:

  • Aquadom Royale 15 x 70 inch Medicine cabinet wall mount/recessed medicine cabinet with no light comes with all-sided mirrors. The edges have mirrors and the interior of the medicine cabinet includes a mirror. The inside of this cabinet features three clear glass adjustable shelves tempered glass shelves. This bathroom medicine cabinet can be wall-mounted or recessed into the wall. Aquadom Royale is a great choice for most modern bathrooms.
  • A smaller variant – Aquadom Royale 15 x 30 inch Medicine cabinet wall mount/recessed medicine cabinet with no light comes with all-sided mirrors. This is just the same model but with a shorter height that will fit even smaller unused spaces in the bathroom.

All these products of Aquadom and much more are available in New Bathroom Style, bathroom supply store in New York.