Air Baths. Helpful Hints.

Air baths are a form of aero therapy (treatment with air) which, in dosages, effects the air on the naked body that is protected from direct sunlight.

air bath therapy

The existence of the human body can be thought of as its metabolism, and metabolism is only possible in the presence of oxygen. The healing power of fresh air is manifested in its richness in oxygen, light ions, phytoncides, and other useful substances. In addition, one of the main factors affecting the person is the air temperature. The air gap between the body and clothing usually has a constant temperature of approximately 27-28°C and as soon as the human body is freed from clothing, the heat transfer becomes immediately more intense and the skin fully begins to breathe.

Expose your body to the effects of air baths whenever possible. This is a very simple and affordable way to expose your skin to the beneficial influence of oxygen.

It improves the metabolism and also the tone of the muscular and nervous systems, trains the system of thermoregulation of the body, calms and normalizes the emotional background, reduces anxiety, improves appetite, sleeps, mood and adds vitality. Blood pressure returns to normal, blood flow accelerates, heart activity and the respiratory system improves. The protective capabilities and the hardening of the body increase, therefore reducing the risk of disease. The tone, color, and texture of the skin improve. Among other things, it is incomparable joy and pleasure to breathe clean fresh air in itself.

Unfortunately, the specifics of the modern lifestyle dictate that most of us spend a huge amount of time in artificially created atmospheres while subjected to the influence of heating devices with their desiccating influence, and air conditioning. To top it off, the constant wearing of clothes does not allow the body to breathe fully, depriving the skin of the necessary quantity of oxygen of the outside. So whenever possible, try to get rid of clothes and take air baths. After all, exposure to the air has virtually no contraindications.

It is best to take air baths in the open air. You should start in a warm season, like in the summer. In the cold season, start taking air baths in a pre-ventilated room in the house. In the process of toughening up, this procedure can be carried over into the street.

The optimal time for taking air baths is in the morning before or after a light breakfast, or in the evening before dinner. If you want to take an air bath in the afternoon, then you should do it within an hour or two after lunch. Remove everything you can. Leave only the bare minimum of clothing – a swimsuit or shorts. This will be a partial air bath. It will give a partial effect. If the situation allows, it is much better to go naked. You should undress quickly in order for the air bath to have an impact directly on the entire surface of the naked body and cause a rapid energetic reaction.

Now, sit back (preferably in a deck chair in the shade of trees or under a tent) and just relax or read. If you don’t have the time, then combine the taking of air baths with the necessary household chores.

An air bath should bring pleasure. The main thing here is not the time, but the state of well-being. Its duration depends on the temperature and the health status of the person. For a healthy person, the optimum temperature is 15-20 degrees Celsius. Weak people should start with three minutes. For toughening up it is enough to increase the duration of the bath for 5-10 minutes from time to time. The average duration of an air bath at a comfortable temperature is half an hour. Take air baths as often as possible during the day. Experts believe that people should remain naked for at least 2 hours a day.

Regular air baths in the fresh air have an impact on improving the tone, color, and texture of the skin. Whenever an opportunity arises, try to remove your clothes and allow the fresh air to fan over your body.

Do not allow for feeling cold and for the appearance of “goosebumps.” If you get cold, immediately get dressed and do some exercises. If you don’t want to fear freezing, it is a good idea to combine air baths with walking, jogging, gymnastic exercises, and sports games. In this case, the air bath is accompanied by muscular effort and deep breath.

Of course, the best air baths are taken in places where there are no industrial enterprises, like near the forest, sea or in the mountains. Ionized air of green areas is enriched with phytoncides, which are volatile ether compounds produced by plants. In addition to the beneficial effects on the pulmonary system, the phytoncides heal the heart, blood vessels, improve metabolism and tissue breathing, as well as have antimicrobial properties. Sea air, which is completely devoid of dust and is saturated with negative ions, salts, and ozone, increases the absorption of ozone by the body. It also increases the level of hemoglobin and the red blood cell count. In addition to that, it stimulates mental and physical performance, improves sleep and appetite and activates the immune system.

Of course, the air procedures are not limited only to staying outdoors during the warmer time of the year. There are many toughening up procedures that accustom the person to the cold air. Do not wear clothes that are too warm and often uncover your skin. Sleep with an open window.

At home try to wear clothes made of natural fibers. Fabrics from natural fibers keep us warm in the winter and, conversely, cool the body in heat of summer, while the synthetics are in discord with the temperature of the environment and have the opposite effect.

If the weather is good, it is essential to keep the windows open all day and all night. In rainy or cold weather, ventilate the room at least three times a day. If you have the opportunity to relax, sleep, eat in the fresh air – try to do so.

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