Air and Whirlpool Bathtubs


 When looking into a bathtub that not only will bathe but also, massage the body, you will find that there are 3 major options on the market for you.  The first will be the classic whirlpool bathtubs. These tubs use the bathwater; they heat and pump the water in circulation. The second option is the air-based system. This variant uses heated and pressurized air to create air bubbles in the water. The final option has both systems; it incorporates a water and air into the tub.


Water-based systems use the bath water itself to be pumped, delivering pressure to key parts of the body to create a therapeutic massage. The water is heated as it is pumped which maintains the temperature of the bath for a longer period of time. To keep such a system maintained in a hygienic manner, one would have the tub filled and running with water and a sort of cleaning product for a length of time.

Air based systems use air from the outside and have it pumped to the bottom of the tub. This kind of tub does not create much pressure and can only provide a stream of bubbles in a vertical direction. High pressure is not always needed however when it comes to therapeutic massages. The sensation of air bubbles popping on one skin has a relaxing effect on a person. Since this system takes air from outside and isn’t subject to the bath water it is somewhat easier to keep clean. Simply run the jets with the tub empty to have the system clean itself.

Some modern-day tubs incorporate both systems. These tubs have the best of both worlds and some that can’t be done with one system on its own. There are tubs that add air bubbles to the water as it is pumped through the water-based system to have a jet of bubbles that have some horizontal pressure and pressure that is greater than what can be achieved by air only systems. Since such tubs vary wildly from one another each tub has its own protocol to be followed when maintaining them.

If you have any questions in regards to Air and Whirlpool Bathtubs, or anything else related to bathroom renovations please don’t hesitate to ask us for New Bathroom Style. Online, by phone or in store we are open every day of the week and will happily assist you in any matter pertaining to the bathroom.


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