Advantages of Elongated toilet

 Elongated toilet

Elongated toilets have a variety of advantages when fitting into your bathroom. The first advantage is that it allows a bigger surface area which allows for the comfort of your genitals. In some cases, men may not find the round or other types of toilets comfortable due to the simple fact that there is not enough space for their genitals. Remember that men have elongated genitals as well. As such they require a deep elongated toilet just like the elongated toilet we are talking about. One of the advantages, therefore, is that it provides enough surface area hence making individuals comfortable with it.


The elongated toilets have an oval shape which may occupy a larger space of your bathroom as compared to the round toilet. Having an elongated toilet means there is enough space in the bathroom which can further enhance comfort. Most of the people feel good whenever there is space in which to spread their legs during the action. The elongated toilet is, therefore, the best especially for the disabled who need some sort of suspension and even enough space within the toilet. The elongated toilet is tailored to go hand in hand with the toilet rails meant for people with disabilities. The rails run from the doorway right into space where the elongated toilet has been fixed. Under the vast umbrella of different shapes, sizes and styles, following factors may help you in finalizing the selection:

One-piece and Two pieces:

In terms of cost, a two-piece toilet always is cheaper than the one piece. In the terms of strength, the one-piece toilet doesn’t have any connecting parts thus is very less likely in having any kind of problems with the leakage, whereas 2 piece toilet has got some flexibility because of the cistern located conveniently.
Gallons per flush- It is an amount of the water getting flushed away when the flush button gets pressed. It can range from over 1.6gallons in the regular toilets to over 1.28gallons in the high-efficiency toilets. Compared to the regular toilets, the dual flush toilets will allow you to choose the full or else half-flush. Saving a huge amount of water every year since they flush over 0.8 gallons for a flush.


For the regular toilet, the average height is around 14 to 15 inches, thus check the existing toilet height as well as compare with specifications of new toilets. These days taller toilets are accessible at over 18 inches high. Generally, these are toilets made for the elderly or handicapped people.

Elongated and Round:

Generally, there is not much of the size difference in such varieties. In many cases, elongated bowls are 2 inches bigger than the round bowls. Actually, it is more of the design and style choice, so whatever pleases you and look or feel of the bathroom you’re trying to design.


While there’s very little space accessible in the bathroom, corner and wall hung toilet actually is the best option since they are been facilitated with the angled tank that allows you to place this in a corner.