Acrylic Shower Enclosure in our store

Acrylic Square Shower Enclosure

Modern bathrooms concentrate the stylish and practical function. The square shower enclosure makes the bathroom look gorgeous modern city atmosphere, and make bath into a wonderful experience. Modeling simple and affordable quadrant shower enclosure make your shower room more comfortable and increase more function. Acrylic square shower enclosure which feels smooth and has delicate appearance of brightly color. Acrylic adaptable to the natural environment will not change its performance even for a long time in the sunlight, wind, and rain, it has good anti-aging properties. Tempered glass has more properties that easy to scratch, easy clean-up, acrylic base, heavy and strong, high strength, good thermal stability, high safety.

Square shower enclosure

This square shower enclosure is designed to fully take into account the practical needs of the appearance of small size; about 35 square fits will be able to use in the bathroom. The simple appearance of the convenience of use for your life is not the same feeling; the concept of humanity is in the details had been fully reflected. Maintenance shower enclosure can be divided into two regions of dry and wet, so it can better protect the bathroom furniture. Note that the hidden locations of cleaning products make timely cleaning products.

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