Acrylic bathtubs are goods whose quality has been tested over the years

Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs are goods whose quality has been tested over the years. Out of all outlets in which you can buy acrylic bathtubs, Internet shop offers the most favorable and comfortable conditions: the ability to estimate the future purchase and all its qualities and dimensions without leaving home. Acrylic bathtubs can have a rectangular, asymmetrical and angular shape and any size – everyone will find the perfect one for himself.

Many of the fiberglass and porcelain tubs have depth and curved features with built-in headrests. For a bit of contemporary flair, the faucets and handles are on the side of the tubs in many models, which allows two sides for you to rest your head. Similar to the soothing massaging of hot tubs and spas, most of our bathtubs also feature jet massaging components to wash away stress while massaging all parts of your body. Other models of bathtubs even have built-in water-resistant television screens to entertain you while relaxing in your new bathtub.

Other free-standing tubs can have a blend of treated wood accents around the sides of the bathtub to blend in more with a traditional bathroom with adjacent wood vanity. Others offer a more antique appearance with the farmhouse bathtubs with a claw foot base. For convenience, there are corner bathtubs which act as space savers for the smaller bathroom, allowing you to utilize a corner space. These tubs offer similar features with headrests, massage jets, and television screens.

Lastly, we’re proud to offer tubs that drop into a raised portion of your bathroom for truly contemporary and modern design. These can have wood trim on the perimeter or a clean appearance with just porcelain and fiberglass.

There are many exciting bathtubs to choose from, so take your time and feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service staff members if you need more information or to place an order.