What is Better Cast Iron Bathtub or Acrylic Bathtub

Hence below is a discussion on the acrylic bathtub as well as the cast iron bathtub. This will be helping to understand the most preferred one.

1. Cast Iron

Cast iron is a very strong material, usually enclosed with a porcelain enamel varnish. A cast iron tub is questionably one of the most durable features in a home, potentially giving dependable service for decades. Cast iron tubs are generally of the alcove or free-standing diversity. Their varnish is durable and easily cleaned although you do not want to use hostile scouring techniques or you could scratch the surface. Bathtubs Enamel that does finally wear or chip away reveals the cast iron substrate that can rust. Finally, cast iron tubs are heavyweight and combined with water weight, need a good support structure. Though it takes some time for the iron cover to be lost, once it disappears the bathtub begins rusting. This lowers the lifespan of the bathtub.

2. Acrylic bathtub

Acrylic in simple expressions is a form of malleable and is another material used to make bathtubs. Its upsides include it is high gloss, similar to the enameled look on cast iron and steel tubs, and it is much lighter in weight than iron and steel. It can be scratched more easily but these scratches can also be repaired more easily than a porcelain enamel surface. Because acrylic is an easily molded material, it is often used for whirlpool and air tubs that can be had in many diverse shapes and sizes.
The bathtubs are actually made from the wide range of the materials. The cast iron and the acrylic are two famous materials that are used. The acrylic bathtubs are highly used in the newer homes however some consumers opt for durability and strength of the cast-iron bathtub. So, both kinds of bathtubs have got their benefits or disadvantages.


The fiberglass reinforces the acrylic sheets in the production of the acrylic kinds of the bathtubs. The finished product is crack & chip resistant. The acrylic tubs are actually made from the synthetic material and are made in a wide range of colors. The cast iron bathtubs actually are made just by pouring iron into the molds, and letting this cool and harden. Such kind of the tub is resistant to the chemicals as well as is impossible for scratch and dent. They generally have the enamel coating on it as well as are fire polished in order to give them a smooth appearance.


The cast iron bathtubs usually are a bit more expensive compared to the acrylic tubs. From 2009, “cheap” acrylic tub generally costs over $400 and top of line tub will cost upwards $4,000. The brand new iron bathtub will cost from $1,200 – $5,000, installed.


The cast iron bathtubs actually are much heavier than the acrylic bathtubs that makes them tough to install; many people are needed to conduct this installation of the cast iron tub. The floor underneath the cast iron tub might need to get reinforced as it is very heavy.

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