A guide to alternatives to solid wood flooring

 Alternatives to solid wood and laminated flooring

Solid wood flooring is perfect if you want to give your home a rustic, earthy and natural feel – and it”s highly durable as well. However, it can be quite costly and impractical in certain rooms, so it”s worth seeing what other options are out there. After all, you can still achieve the same look and feel with different types of flooring – and potentially cut the cost significantly while you” re doing so.

Engineered wood floors

More and more people have been turning towards engineered wood floors in recent years. Whereas solid wood flooring is made from a single plank of wood, this option has been specifically designed to cope with the rigors and stresses they are likely to face in a typical house.

Engineered wood floors might, therefore, be better for you if you need your surface to withstand a large volume of foot traffic day after day, year after year. They ‘ve also been designed to withstand any changes in the temperature, so they are less likely to expand in extreme heat than solid wood floors, and they are not as sensitive to moisture either.

This could make them great for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, as you might want the natural appearance of solid wood floors but something that”s better able to withstand different conditions.

Sometimes it isn’t just the cost that puts people off buying solid wood flooring – practical considerations such as keeping it clean can be a factor too. So, if you” re determined to get the look of a wood floor in your home without struggling to maintain the surface, a laminate floor might be for you.

It’s strong, versatile and simple to look after, as well as a highly cost-effective alternative to genuine wood. As a result, it could be a perfect option for almost every room in the house. Wood-effect laminates come in all sorts of styles, so you”ll have no problem finding something that allows you to emulate the look of oak, walnut, pine and much more besides.

Vinyl flooring

Floors can take a lot of punishment, as anyone who has children in the house will know. This means durability is a priority when it comes to installing a new surface. Vinyl flooring could, therefore, be ideal, as it is designed with dirt and damage-resistance in mind. So even if the kids spill their drinks, walk mud into the house and throw objects around, you can be confident your floor will come out unscathed. Of course, it feels different underfoot compared with solid wood flooring, but this won”t matter to you if you can have a long-lasting and incredibly tough surface that still offers an attractive wood effect.

Parquet floors

This is a great way to combine the rustic and natural atmosphere created by wood with some interesting patterns, so if you want more depth and character to your rooms, this might be well worth considering. Parquet flooring allows you to combine the best of different types of wood, so you have lots of flexibility and freedom to bring your design ideas to life.

Genuine solid wood flooring looks and feels great, but sometimes it is viable either in financial or practical terms. So, if you have your heart set on achieving this particular look in your home, you won”t be short of great alternatives.