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5x8 bathroom renovation cost


How much does a 5'x8' bathroom renovation cost?

5×8 Bathroom Renovation Cost
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This article calculated how much it costs to renovate a 5'x8' bathroom, including all the decor and the necessary plumbing and bathroom furniture in NYC. In addition, we indicated what else you may need and what should be included in the estimate.

Determining the volume of repair

The price of a bathroom renovation depends on several factors. What is the initial state of the premises? Will there be repairs in a new building with pre-finishing or repairs from the very bald beginning? Or is it an old building, where significant repairs are required to replace communications, including pipes in your apartment or home? It is possible to calculate different options precisely to the dollar only if all the factors are known.


1.Select the materials

Floor tiles

Today it is possible to find tiles of any design: from budget options to the luxury segment.
The average cost estimation for the floor tiles made of porcelain size 12″x 12″ or 18″x18″ is from $3 to 5 dollars a square foot depending on the design. You also have the chance to choose marble, slate, or other natural stone materials. For example, granite, travertine, or quartz. Raw materials are usually more expensive. Natural stone tile will cost you $5-10 per sq foot. The average cost is $7 for natural stone tile.


Wall Tile

According to our idea, it is not rational to lay out the entire wall with tiles. A more interesting design is obtained when 2/3 of the walls and the whole wall near the bathtub are tiled. The rest of the space can be painted. But in the final calculations, you should use the area of the entire height of the wall since it is correct to buy materials with a margin. Wall tiles can be cheaper than floor ones with approximately $1.5 – 3.5 per sq. foot.

5×8 Bathroom Renovation Cost

Wall paint

As for the paint: you may choose a Benjamin Moore suitable material for wet rooms, for walls and ceilings. The price is around $30 per gallon (2 gallons needed for the entire project), and need 1gallon primer, it $25.


The tile adhesive

Tile adhesive will cost you around $25 per gallon, and you will need 3-4 gallons for the project, provided you have a flat and straight wall. This means you need to count for a $75-$100 estimation.



The purpose of the grout is to close the joints between the tiles so that moisture and debris do not get into them. The budget option is cement-based and sand. It is flexible and easy to use, as the manufacturer promises, but it may quickly lose its pure white color and require a quick update. A more expensive option is grout without sand. The price is justified because it has beautiful different colors and is very easy to works with. That is, dirt will not be so obvious and more resistant to moisture and bacteria. By the way, among the more expensive brands, you can also find options for colored grout to create a beautiful and unusual bathroom interior.
Price: approximately $25 per 1 bag.

2.Select Bathroom Fixtures

In our list, we have collected the required minimum of plumbing.


Budget option toilet costs from two-piece $200, and of the expensive segment – beginning from one-piece Toto toilet example $400.
This difference in prices for the toilet is due to the design. In the first case, this is an ordinary freestanding toilet with an external cistern. The luxury option is a one-piece structure when the tank and the bathroom are connected in a one-piece unit. It often looks more aesthetically pleasing, and also such an installation is more hygienic.

5×8 Bathroom Renovation Cost

Bath tub and shower base

If you want a cheaper cost – choose a bathtub. And the assortment of bathtubs is so large that selecting the right one is not difficult. Among the budget ones, we decided on an acrylic bathtub. Acrylic is a good material for bathtubs. The price for the bathtub is about $500
The acrylic shower base standard size 32″ x 60″ and shower doors are about $1100 depending on the thickness of the glass and design. It does not darken with time and does not make noise when drawing water, but it is also not a too strong material. Cast iron bathtub – very heavy but durable now it’s very rare to established. In addition, cast iron tubs to expensive installation costs.


Pedestal Sink 

When choosing a pedestal sink, we may make our choice based on the design. The material in most of the time is ceramic or acrylic. The budget option costs only $70 and is expensive – up to $300.


Bath faucets 

The budget option performs its direct functions without additional benefits $100 $150. The faucet is single-lever, with a longer “spout.”
Luxury version – faucet or a shower system with a thermostat. This device allows you to control the water temperature, regardless of the differences in the riser. In addition, it looks very stylish. A more complicated shower system or shower panel can have a hydro-massage as one of the features. In general, this is expensive and functional plumbing, which is worth the money $450-$800

5×8 Bathroom Renovation Cost

Sink faucets 

Here, too, everything is simple. The variety of prices is determined by quality and functionality. A budget mixer costs $60. And the expensive one – $250 and higher.
To sum up the topic with faucets, we would advise even those who are inclined to budget repairs to choose expensive and high-quality options, as they ultimately help save money and last a long time.

Choosing bathroom furniture 

The most necessary furniture is a bathroom vanity unit. As a budget option, we can choose a small but stylish vanity with supporting legs.
As a premium option, there is a stylish designer’s cabinet with drawers. Pull-out mechanisms are better, as you can put more of the necessary little things there. The price for the 24 Inch bathroom vanity starts from $500.

5×8 Bathroom Renovation Cost

Complement the interior with accessories

We deliberately did not include accessories in our final list since their quantity and choice are very individual. For example, to save your budget, you can order goods on the internet – for instance, you will find goods for a minimal price in our selection. There are also storage accessories and even stickers for tiles with a mirrored surface instead of a full-fledged mirror.

5×8 Bathroom Renovation Cost

Do not forget about shipping costs…


In the final price, we also did not include the cost of delivering and lifting the material. Because of the location, the number of floors in the house, the presence or absence of a freight elevator, and, for example, the presence of your roomy car, all this affects the price and does not allow you to calculate the price average. But, if the toilet can still be brought to your passenger car, then a bathtub is not. And you won’t be able to lift yourself even to the first floor either. On average, within New York City, door-to-door delivery can cost from $150 and more, depending on the remoteness of your home from the purchase store. Consider this in your estimate.


And about installation

If you can do the finishing work yourself, you will most likely need the work of a specialist to connect the bath, toilet, shower system, vanity cabinet. For example, the average installation of a toilet bowl will cost you $300, and for the bathtub -$1000. Again, if you have to help friends or family members, this job may cost you a lot less. Do not forget to think about it.


Summing up

In our summary, we used the prices for finishing materials, plumbing, and furniture. So, the average price of complete renovation for the 5×8 remodels cost for (small bathroom) is around $10,000 -$13,000 included work. But it can be anywhere from $2000 to $3000 or even more. To perform a complete remodel, you will need to pay $70 per square foot with DIY labor and around $250 per sq. foot with the help of a professional specialist and high-quality furniture, fixtures, and plumbing.

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