5x10 bathroom remodel cost

The main question that worries anyone who has conceived a new way to equip a bathroom is the remodel price. And it depends on the quality of materials purchased for finishing and the qualifications of hired workers. Moreover, when repairing a bathroom, it is most likely that you will not be able to save on the services of workers and do it on your own. Practice shows that it is challenging and often unsafe for a person without special education and experience to replace plumbing, laying tiles, installing water supply and sewerage pipes. So, unfortunately, when planning a renovation in the bathroom, immediately consider that you cannot do without the services of specialists.

How much does a 5x10 bathroom renovation cost in Brooklyn, NY, and where can you find workers you can trust?

The Plumber Contractor Installation An Acrylic Bathtub

Perhaps the neighbors who have just finished the renovation will give you the plumber’s or contractor contacts, with which they were delighted. Or your friends will advise a tiler who “works quickly and charges inexpensively.” If the repair that you plan to carry out falls within the scope of a minor repair, it may be a good decision to follow the advice and hire a contractor – his services will cost much less than the work of a team from a specialized company. Suppose the repair is conceived as a major one – with the demolition of walls, the laying of new utilities, and redevelopment approval. In that case, it is better to contact the repair company. So you will receive guarantees for the work performed, and not only. The company will deal with the approval of the redevelopment (you do not have to run around the authorities) and the drawing up of the project. Also, they will present you with an estimate for the work so that you will know in advance how much money to prepare for repairs.

You Need An Estimate To Calculate Your Bathroom

The estimate needs to be described in more detail. Often, construction firms, making an estimate, inflate prices for their services. For example, even the smallest item of expenses, they raise prices by $5-10. If there are hundreds of positions in the document, it already gives a gap of $1000! Or, on the contrary, they try to prescribe work without detailing, overestimating their cost, as they say, on a large scale. For example, they indicate the item “replacement of plumbing” and set the price, say, at $3000. Whereas, it is worth demanding decoding of this point and picking up a calculator, as it turns out that the company plans to install a new sink, bathtub, and toilet for this money! Therefore, resorting to the services of a company, you should not blindly trust what you are told and shown. The algorithm of actions should be something like this. First, you drive through all supermarkets of building and finishing materials, fix the prices for materials, and then call several companies and ask about the fees for their services. In conclusion, you can ask several companies to draw up an estimate, compare the cost of work, correlate it with prices that exist on the market, and decide on the choice of an organization to which you will entrust the repair of your bathroom.

Professional Construction Company

There are many advantages to working with a professional construction company. In this case, a contract will be drawn up with you – and this already guarantees legal protection in case of claims for the quality of work. The firm takes over the approval of the redevelopment and all insurances. Also, the company manager can provide you with licenses and certificates of workers who will work at your facility – and this is an additional guarantee that materials, possibly expensive, will not be spoiled.

Professional Construction Bathroom With New Bathroom Style

And also, which is essential, you don’t have to control every step of the worker, run around the shops searching for the paint they need and “hang” on the phone, figuring out why the workers don’t go to the site for the third day. The manager takes over all these functions. He can also offer you services for the purchase of materials, but they will cost you 8-10% more in this case.

Of course, specialized firms carry out significant and cosmetic repairs, but their prices are not affordable for everyone. Let’s see what the cosmetic renovation of the bathroom 5×10 will turn into if we invite professionals to work and use the services of “private contractors.”

Full renovation of a bathroom involves replacing plumbing and tiles, re-routing pipes. The customer buys materials and equipment on his own. Redevelopment is not performed and not agreed upon.

The Cost Of 5x10 Bathroom Renovation Work From The Private Contractor

The cost of 8×10 bathroom renovation work from the private contractor will be:

Dismantling of old tiles and plumbing fixtures – $1,500-$2,500

Installation of new plumbing fixtures –   $2,000-$2,500 per bath, toilet, and sink

Tile laying –   $10-$12 per sq.foot. minimum. With the average area of 350 Sq Ft. The total amount will be  $4,200-$4,500

Wiring – $500-$1,000

In total, the minimum cost of a 5×10 bathroom remodels cost will be $15K-$20K. To this amount, it is worth adding 10-20% for unforeseen expenses. And, of course, consider the cost of materials that the customer chooses to his taste.

How Much Does A 5x10 Bathroom Renovation Cost A Construction Company

How much does a 5×10 bathroom renovation cost a construction company?

Dismantling of old tiles and plumbing fixtures –$3,500-$4,500

Installation of new plumbing fixtures – $1,500-$2,500 per “point”, i.e. $4,500-$7,000 per bath, toilet, and sink

Tile laying – $20 – $25 sq. ft minimum (this includes a slight alignment of the walls – by ½ – 1 inch). With an average area of the tiled surface of 350 sq. ft. M. the total amount will be $7,500-8,750

Wiring, including the installation of outlets – $2,500-$3,500

Garbage is taken out – $2,500-$3,500

It turns out that the minimum cost of work at the company’s prices will be $25K -$30K, plus services for making estimates, consultations on the choice of finishing materials and insurances, their delivery (if the client entrusts the purchase of equipment to the company’s specialists). But in this case, there will be no unforeseen expenses – all services are paid according to the estimate, and you will not be required to pay extra.

Total Cost Formula Of Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Design Ideas 5x10

To summarize, let’s say that the cost of a 5×10 bathroom remodel, provided that you contact a construction company, is almost twice the cost of paying for the services of private contractors. This, of course, is understandable – after all, the company includes in the price of work and the salary of the foreman, the depreciation of the tool, and the rent of an office for their own needs. But such an amount, although it probably provides a better repair with less hassle, is not affordable for everyone. And many New Yorkers resort to the services of “private contractors” in an old-fashioned way. And, which is typical, they get good results!

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