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Our bathrooms are an essential part of our home. After the kitchen, they are probably the busiest room in the house, especially on a  morning when the whole family is trying to have a shower and get ready. It is not just the family who the bathroom has to appeal to. It also needs to be stylish and welcoming in the case of guests and visitors. If your bathroom is tired and dingy, it is not going to leave a great impression! The problem is, it can be costly to renovate a bathroom completely. Fear not, however – if you want to update a tired bathroom on a small budget, here are a few simple tips.
Update the storage
Lots of unnecessary clutter and junk can make even a substantial bathroom look and feel cramped and tiny. Get rid of anything you don’t use or need – make an effort to use up a whole bottle of shower gel or soap before cracking open a new one. For storage, look at a bathroom vanities showroom for inspiration – cupboard and cabinets stocked with cute baskets and tubs can really help you to get organized and increase the illusion of space.
Give the room a lick of paint
This goes for pretty much any room, but especially a bathroom that can get grubby and tired looking particularly quickly. A coat of fresh paint, even if it is just plain white can give the room a whole new lease of life. Colors can be added later on with accessories if necessary. Remember only to use paint that is designed for bathrooms otherwise it will fade very quickly.
Invest in some new towels
Some new fresh, fluffy towels in bright colors can do wonders for a bathroom. Consider how you will display them – will you roll them up and put them on shelves or in crates, or will you think outside the box – something that is very much on-trend at the moment is vintage ladders propped up against a wall as a towel rail.
Refresh the grouting
Grubby grouting in between tiles will always bring the look of a bathroom down. For a quick fix, buy a grout pen, which can be picked up cheaply from any DIY or hardware store. For a better look though, grind away the existing grout and redo it with a new compound. This does take longer but looks better in the longer term.
This can be the fun bit. For a look that will never date, polished chrome accessories are the way to go – towel rails, toilet roll holders, door handles and robe hooks are just a few simple things you can switch quickly and cheaply. Vases of artificial flowers and candles can also add a really nice touch, as well as canvases for the walls.
As you can see, updating your bathroom can be quickly done and cheap if you are short on time or money, or both!

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