48 Inch Double Sink Vanities

48 inch double vanities

48-inch vanity – is one of the most popular models for medium-sized bathrooms. The main advantage of this piece is the ability to place the unit in a convenient position in the free area of your bathroom. The size allows you to put in a comparatively huge sink and also leaves room for placing your hygienic accessories. It is also the smallest possible size for a double sink unit.

To make the use of space even more convenient – consider buying a 48-inch medicine cabinet. This allows you to combine a bathroom mirror and one more bathroom cabinet for more storage space. 

New Bathroom Style – the most convenient and comfortable bathroom vanities store to buy amazing bathroom furniture: single sink bathroom vanities, double vanities. Always the most complicated challenge for the homeowners is to find a proper hardware and furniture store closest to their house or apartment. 

Online shopping becomes more and more popular nowadays. In our online store, you are able to buy all the products presented at the showroom and even more. 

48" vanity in New Bathroom Style

You can purchase this dimension of bathroom cabinets and units in our store New Bathroom Style at a very low price. The prices for furniture units on our website are much lower thanks to the largest choice of brands and products. Our online store offers delivery throughout NYC as well as to every state of the United States. If you want to get a great offer for the double sink vanity – take a short ride to our showroom in Brooklyn, NY, or check out our online collection. The New Bathroom Style presents a vast collection of bath vanity unit (much more sizes besides 48 inch), shower systems, bathroom faucets, interior doors, LED medicine cabinets, Italian mirrors, bathroom accessories, bathtubs, etc.  Contact our specialists in our store if you are looking to get an amazing bathroom cabinet and bath vanity. They will help you to select the right option.

Constantia 48 Inch Color Empire Gray Bathroom Vanity V1902-48-03
Constantia 48 Inch Bathroom Vanity Model V1901-48-01 Color Matte White

Purchasing a 48 vanity in New Bathroom Style

Double sink vanities are being sold in different finish styles. They can be either floor standing or wall-mounted. You can complement the cabinet with LED light to this kind of vanity for the bathroom. A variety of medicine cabinet with light makes it possible to evaluate the options of models and design features. Floor cabinets with hinged doors securely hide the contents. You can fit the model with only one-side door or with open shelves even in a small space. If you buy 48-inch bathroom vanity of Blossom or Dowell, you will get free shipping.

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48 Inch Double Sink Vanities

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