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36х22 Bathroom Vanity


36 Inch most popular

Bathroom vanities are a “must-have” for a modern bathroom. They are not only a convenient storage place for all the necessities but a real gem in the washroom interior. Especially if it is one of the vanities from the New Bathroom Style collection. In this article, you will know more about one of the most required types of bathroom storage vanities that is a 36 by 22 bathroom vanity.


Why is it so popular?

The answer is quite simple. 36” bath vanity is compact but spacious at once. It doesn’t need much space to mount it but its countertop is big enough to place items you need to take shower or to do makeup. We can claim it is the most universal size of a vanity that suits merely every premise.
There are lots of options of 36-inch vanities that are worth your attention represented in New Bathroom Style Offer. And there is a pleasant option for our clients of a 20% discount in-store with free shipping to any state. So the choice is really amazing. What exclusives can you choose for your bathroom interior? Let’s consider it.

36 Bathroom Vanity With Marble Top

When speaking about vanities, one of the most frequently asked questions is about the top of this furniture. Some prefer modern glass countertops, some need it to be a classy wooden one. But there is a win-win option that is relevant for any style, in any case. And it is a 36 x 22 bath vanity with a marble top. As marble is a natural stone with beautiful polishing it looks solid and luxurious. And it is tolerant of humidity and water splashes that are relevant for a bathroom. 36 in vanity cabinet with a top like this will be durable and extraordinary at once. Choose a model with some drawers and your items will be safe and dry even in a tropical climate. If you need a lighter and fresher solution, you can also evaluate vanities without drawers and shelves having only sinks and countertop with light construction and laconic design.


36 White Bathroom Vanity

This type of vanity is classical. White furniture is especially popular when choosing the interior for a bathroom. It perfectly matches white plumbing and tube to create the whole composition in light shades or on the contrary to underline purity and freshness of white colors in contrast with darker walls and floor. And it doesn’t make space cluttered as the white color always adds space and air into the premise.
In our store, white vanities are represented in various types. You can choose a single vanity or a compact double-sink one and they will please you with their purity of color and elegance.

36 Black Bathroom Vanity

Want to add some spiciness into the interior? How about a black furnishing of your washroom? It looks gorgeous and exclusive. We have black 36 Inch vanities in stock and you’ll be amazed by their look. Here are exclusive models hand-crafted by Italian designers and laconic modern vanities in a minimalist style. All to your choice.
36 Inch Wide Vanity
What about the pros & cons of a 36-inch bathroom cabinet? We can definitely say that there are more pros than cons for these models. And they are:
• A compact size.
• Stylish design.
• Easy mounting both for wall-mount cabinet and for freestanding vanities.
• Spacious top to place all you need.
• No cluttering of a premise.
• Suits even for a small bathroom.

Bath Vanity 36

What to say against such a universal choice? Maybe the one thing. It will look grotesque in a big space. So for a spacious bathroom with a lot of square meters, it is better to choose a bigger vanity.
36 x 22 bathroom unit is a great solution both for a small guest bathroom and for a family toilette. It also looks great in commercial premice i.e. in the toilette of a restaurant or in a hotel apartment. That is why this kind of vanity has strong and impeccable popularity in the US.