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18 depth bathroom vanity

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18 deep vanity base

In a small bath, it is worth buying a compact sink with a cabinet. Tiny solutions can be used in spacious rooms, but it should be understood that in a large bathroom a modest bath vanity will simply “get lost” and cease to be the central part of the interior.

For arranging small rooms, it is convenient to choose a mounted sink with a cabinet and a mirror. To leave even more space free, consider offerings in the form of corner vanities. Such cabinets are made in the form of a triangle, they are practically built into the corner of the room, they do not take up much space, while they are distinguished by a sufficient depth of the drawers. A corner mirror can be positioned on one of the walls or have the same angular shape, creating a veritable maze of reflections.

When choosing a sink with a vanity unit for a small bath, make sure that the furniture will open freely. Opening doors or pulling drawers can interfere with the door to the room, plumbing, walls. Be sure to make the appropriate measurements before purchasing.

18 Inch Deep Vanity Cabinet

18 Inch Deep Bathroom Vanity Home Depot

Furniture for a small room often becomes a real headache for the owners of the apartment. Small rooms are gradually becoming a rarity, and therefore furniture for them is not easy to find on sale. Large stores like Lowe’s And Home Depot always remain focused on mass demand; therefore bathroom vanities are usually of standard sizes. And wide marble top vanity with 18 inches depth is rarely included in their assortment, and small rooms are often left without proper furniture accompaniment. This is where the New Bathroom Style online store demonstrates its main advantages. The widest collection of the internet store makes it easy to catalog small furniture. A compact chest of drawers up to 24 inches, a miniature pencil case or a cabinet with a 16 inch sink – any position can be presented in this category. You will find all the necessary furniture for a small units on the New Bathroom Style website.

Eviva London 18” Deep Vanity With A Sink

One of the recent popular models – Eviva London 48″ x 18″ Gray Transitional Bathroom Vanity  White Carrara Top. The Eviva London is truly a one of a kind vanity. With a depth size of 18 inches this unit it offers a plenty of storage space in a compact size. This vanity made from sold wood construction features a white Carrara marble countertop, undermount porcelain sink and brushed chrome handle. Available in a single or double sink version in Espresso, Gray, White and in many sizes from 20” to 60”.


Cheap 18 Inch Deep Bath Vanity

The price for a sink with a cabinet is not the lowest, but such fashionable furniture can be bought cheaper than in a regular furniture supply store. At the same time – to reduce not only financial costs, but also the time spent on the search for a model, its purchase, delivery to the installation site. To do this, you should use the services of New Bathroom Online online store.

Where To Buy 18 Inch Deep Vanity?

Modern online shopping helps to solve several problems at once – to choose the filling for the bathroom at a convenient time for the buyer and from a convenient location. The only requirement is Internet access. A 18 in cabinet with a sink in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida and any other state can be ordered with delivery – check out and be sure that New Bathroom Style provides such a service. Another plus of remote shopping is the ability to compare several models you like in a relaxed atmosphere, having all the information about them before your eyes.


Before choosing

Before choosing which cabinet to buy in New York or your state, decide for yourself what exactly you are looking for. Consider the smallest details, down to the type of fittings, the number of shelves and drawers, the size and shape of the sink, the mirror. Knowing the initial search parameters, it will be much easier to find the product you are looking for.