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Upgrade your bathroom In this Fall

Just because the leaves have changed colors and winter is around the corner doesn’t mean that you should stop upgrading your home and wait for spring. The cold weather might tempt you to stay indoors and cuddle with your pet next to the fireplace, but that is not a good idea. And that is because; there are numerous upgrades that you can do to your home, like upgrading your bathroom that can increase your home’s value. Upgrading your kitchen in fall can also help you make it cozy for the coming seasons, especially winter. And the good thing about most of these DIY bathroom upgrades is that you won’t need to work from outside. So, here are some unique DIY projects that can help you upgrade your bathroom this fall.

10 Diy Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom This Fall

1. Build a Bathroom Wall Shelf

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough storage spaces for your towel, you can upgrade it by installing a wall shelf. The good thing about the wall shelves is that they are easy to build and won’t take any floor space. For this project, you will need some power tools, including a miter saw, to help you cut your pieces of wood to the desired size. With the right miter saw, you can make all your cuts and have your piece of wood ready for the assembling stage in no time. You can learn more about the best miter saws in the market by reading numerous reviews online. Remember, the measurements of the shelf will vary depending on the size of your bathroom and walls. Once your pieces are ready, you can assemble them and then add the nailing strip for hanging the shelf on the wall.


2. Add Some Color to Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most private and personal spaces in your house. It is where a huge percentage of self-care routines, from face masks to warm baths, occur. Therefore, it’s crucial that you turn it into a place you love spending time in. If you are working on a tight budget, you can add some bold colors to your bathroom. Repainting your cabinets using a bold color can add personality to your bathroom. Remember, just because it is one of your home’s most private rooms doesn’t mean that it can’t evoke charm and character. Repainting your bathroom cabinetry can give your outdated cabinets a new style and upgrade the bathroom’s entire décor. 


3. Focus on Your Bathrooms Fixtures

Another simple and cost-effective project that can give your bathroom a new look is replacing your outdated fixtures with modern ones. New matching plumbing and lighting fixtures can upgrade your all-white bathroom. Look for modern sink designs, vintage cabinet and door handles, flashy mirrors, chandeliers, and even new faucets. There are numerous options for you to choose from, so make sure you get some unique fixtures that can upgrade your bathroom. If you are working with a tight budget and love DIY projects, you can try and repaint the fixtures. However, the drying process will take a long time, especially since its fall. Remember, you don’t have to be an experienced painter to repaint your bathroom fixtures and give them a new look.


4. Increase the Shower Head’s Pressure

Whether you are kick-starting your day or winding down in the evening, taking a shower always leaves you refreshed. However, showering with a low-pressure shower head can leave you frustrated, so why don’t you upgrade your normal shower head with a hotel spa-like shower head? Spa-like shower heads can be a great addition to your bathroom. It can bring you joy every day and make showering even more fun. Plus, they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you can pick a unit that matches your style. Installing a showerhead is one of the simplest DIY projects that can make showering fun. A spa hotel showerhead features a detachable handheld sprayer and a rain head. The detachable handheld sprayer makes cleaning the bathtub easier and more fun.


5. Stain the Tile Grout

White grouts require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent the mold from growing in the house. So, if you don’t want to spend your weekend afternoons scrubbing your tiles, you should consider staining it. Staining the grout is an easy DIY project that requires minimal skills and efforts but makes the entire bathroom glow again. Remember, nothing makes your bathroom uglier than dirty grout; therefore, painting or staining your grout tiles can give your bathroom tiles a new life. You can either even out the discolored parts or change the color of the entire grout. Plus, since grout paint is a sealant, painting your tiles also increases their longevity. So, instead of breaking your brush to make your grout clean, why don’t you add a new darker layer?


6. Upgrade Your Bathroom's Lighting

If you are still using the unflattering lights that you installed in your bathroom when you moved in, then now is the best time to change them. After all, nights are always longer than days in fall and winter, so new lighting can make your bathroom stand out and accessible. Remember, correct lighting is crucial in any bathroom. Replacing the lighting is all about mastering  the reflection of your light and lighting up all the bathroom’s dark spaces. A chandelier suspended above the bathtub can serve as the bathroom’s focal point. You can also install some dimmers in the bathroom together with the new lighting. A dimmer can provide you control over the brightness of the light and the mood in the bathroom. 

10 Diy Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom This Fall

7.  Frame the Mirrors

A considerable percentage of the bathrooms on the planet have basic mirrors with no frames. So if you are working with a tight budget and can’t purchase a new decorative mirror and frame, you can try and frame the one that you currently have. A new frame can upgrade your current mirror and the bathroom. Building a wooden mirror frame is relatively easy, and even a beginner DIYer can do it. All you need for this project are some pressure-treated pieces of wood and a few power tools. Start by measuring your mirror’s dimensions and then cut your pieces of wood to size before cutting the 45-degree angles on all corners using your miter saw. And then sand it before staining it. Make sure the color you select matches with your towel rack of cabinets. Once the paint dries, you can assemble it, and you are good to go. 


8.  Install Bold Tiles

If staining the grout is not an option, you can try and replace the entire floor with something bold and unique, like subway tiles. Subway tiles are known for being a timeless and popular choice. These tiles are relatively easy to work with and affordable. This project can be quite tedious: therefore, it’s not ideal for beginners. And that is because you will need to remove the original tiles before installing the new ones. Replacing the tiles can make the most noticeable difference in your home, plus there are a lot of options for you to choose from. You can either match your floor with the wall tiles and the cabinet top or look for something that will make your bathroom stand out.

10 Diy Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom This Fall

9.  Repaint Your Bathtub

If your home has the traditional claw-foot tub, you can upgrade your home by repainting the exterior parts of your tub. Repainting the exterior part of the tub will require some level of experience. And that is because you will have to give it at least two layers of exterior semi-gloss or grade-satin paint that can complement the entire bathroom’s décor. Start by sanding your tub if the original paint has peeled off or the tub has rusted, and then repaint it. For the normal bathtubs, you can just paint them using either a paint sprayer, paintbrush, or paint roller. However, a paintbrush is a perfect option since it doesn’t drip much. After all, bathtub paint is thinner than the other paints. You can give it at least 48 hours to dry.


10. Make Your Bathtub More Relaxing

If your home has standalone bathtubs, then you know how hard it is to access your washing accessories candle, a glass of wine, or a book while enjoying your soak. So why don’t you upgrade your bathroom by installing a wooden bathtub caddy? A bath caddy can provide you with a safe space for placing your glass of wine, book, candle, and even bathing products when soaking in warm water. You can start by measuring the size of your tub both inside and outside. This caddy has two planks, the top, and the bottom. Make your cuts and then attach the pieces of wood together. Next, make the holes for the candle and beverage holder using a 1-1/2 drill bit. You can make a book space using a router and finish by sanding and then stain it.

Final Thoughts

The bathroom is one of the essential parts of your home, where you do most of your self-grooming routines. Therefore, upgrading it and making it even more cozy and stunning can be a great way to spend your fall. And the good news is that some of these bathroom DIY upgrading ideas are affordable. Remember, a simple upgrade like framing the mirror and improving the lighting can give your bathroom a new look. Plus, upgrading one of the few places in the house where you can run to when tired and leave refreshed after a warm or cold bath is a bonus to you and your family members. Besides improving your bathroom’s interior décor, upgrading the bathroom can also increase your home’s value.